Played "The Lost Garrison"


I just ran "The Lost Garrison" ( ) over two game sessions this weekend. The previous session was a series of encounters en route to the garrison to meet its Commander, our Zingarian noble player's uncle.

I moved the adventure to the Pict/Zingarian border. I didn't change any names, because I'm lazy and terrible with names. The temple became a temple to Gorma, the Sudden Thunder, a deity the Zingarian chararcter was familiar with. I did create a new map town with Autorealm, and hand drew a map for the surrounding area (similar square valley, with Black Rock Peak and Crow's Peak as the peaks along the Pict border, and Viper Pass through the range also on that border.

Stencovar valley was being used by Zingaria as a Pict trading post, with the "cooperation" of the locals. A previous trading post in this valley was supposedly destroyed fifty years ago by a Pict army (actually by the last time the locals awoke a Toad God).

Two days ago Hunda bewitched three soldiers visiting the Newt's Eye late at night, and with a series of increasingly successful spells and sacrifices the locals captured the fort's entire current garrison. Most of the remaining garrison are being kept alive singly in small cellars under goat herder dwellings.

Hunda then used human sacrifices to incubate an egg from the Toad Things (instead of Man Apes) found in the Chasm to serve as a vessel for the Frog God. If successful, she'll then use one of its eggs to summon something truly horrific. (I knocked the Frog God down to Huge, and kept its stats the same. I did add the ability to pin a slammed character under its massive limb, though)

And along come the Players. A Nordheimer barbarian/thief, and Hyborian barbarian/borderer, a Barachan pirate, all employed by the last player's (the Zingarian noble) father to escort that player to this garrison. They're all 4th level.

They arrive in Stencovar, assume the sort legged locals with their eyes set a bit too far apart are suffering from interbreeding with the Picts, and make a bee-line to the fort.

The fort is deserted, and the locals tell them that the garrison left two days before to fight the Picts at Black Rock Peak. As the players search and sack the fort a small group of soldiers show up. They were on a patrol of Crow's Peak when the rest were captured, and don't know anything about the abductions or a Pict army. Oh look, the Lieutenant in charge of the patrol is the son of the baron who had the Zingarian noble PC arrested last week...

The party hires two locals to lead them to the Picts of Black Rock Peak and presumably the garrison. They also recruit the Zingarian smugglers (I mean merchants) at sword point to help fight the Picts.

Fortunately, the Hyborean borderer/barbarian grows suspicious and insists that they follow the armies' path exactly. He then double checks the tracks, and catches the local scouts in a lie before they enter Pict sacred ground. Such a pity, because I love Picts... The Nordheimer beheads the two scouts.

The party returns to town, and start politely investigating. They befriend the Temple Dancer, hiring her to help tend their wounded. That night the Lieutenant receives a message from the temple priest, and the characters tag along with him to the Chasm.

They first spot the "changed" mountain ranges along the way to the Chasm. At the Chasm three Toad Things kill two of the garrison soldiers and wound party members before dying. On the way back, the Madman warns them of an awakening Frog God, incubated in blood, and about a returning prehistoric empire.

The next day they recover from their wounds and start shaking down the locals, freely telling anyone who'll listen about the Madman's prediction about an evil frog god. Unfortunately they don't try to get a local alone, and instead try to intimidate ever-growing crowds. They slowly start paying more attention to the locals' set-too-far-apart-eyes and the extra webbing their hands have between the first and second knuckles. A hasty retreat to the fort is beat.

That night the Hyborean and Nordheimer slip out of the fort to capture a local for interogation. Unfortunately they instead spot a large group (~100) gathered behind the Newt's eye. This crowd has the Zingarian smugglers and the Innkeeper as their prisoners and have gathered a number of ladders...

Again quickly returning to the fort, they mount up and head south before the crowd can surround the castle. Again lightning illuminates the mountain ranges, creating the "illusion" of a massive towered wall. They wanted out of this valley, and no promise of extra pay was going to keep them.

Along the way they encouter the Madman again, and a couple of local goatherds taking a captive soldier to the monolith. They rescue the soldier, but kill the goatherders outright.

Passing the monolith, they notice the commotion and investigate. Hunda is sacrificing soldiers to awaken the Toad God tonight. A fight ensues with the small number of goatherders, acolytes and Hunda. One opponent was a 4th level solder with armour taken from the fort. Hunda sacrifices the soldier at the front of the line on the first round of combat. The garrison's Commander is next in line.

On the second round of combat the Toad God rises out of the ground. The Nordheimer actually kills the Toad God himself, starting with a critical hit with his bardiche. I gave Hunda a blinding powder like Stygian tomb dust which she emptied into a bonfire. She then directed the blinding smoke like a gaseus snake with Prestidigitation. Everyone except the Nordheimer kept away from the Toad God when its warts opened into a hundred eyes on its second round.

Hunda blinds the Hyborean, who then managed to drop her, but not before her defensive blast kills the Commander and many captive soldiers.

After the combat the Hyborean attacked the monolith with a warhammer, driving himself insane. He'll get better before the next adventure, but he'll keep a phobia for frogs and toads.

Experience Breakdown

Defeat Lieutenant (actually befriended him) 500
Defeat Picts (avoided) 500
Defeat Toad Things 500
Rescue Smugglers 0 (500)
Rescue Commander 0 (500)
Defeat Hunda 500
Defeat Frog God 1000 and 1 Fate Point


My group just started the Lost Garrison last night. We had a shortened meeting and only had time for an encounter with the Turanians and then a chance to get to Smiling Jack's place.

Thanks for posting your synopsis. It's great to see how others handle the same adventure. I also liked how you adapted it to another region of the world.

I too want to thank Dr. Skull and his friends for posting the adventure. As a husband, father of three and frequent procrastinator, the adventures have come in handy for planning my meetings. The story synopsis' are great reading as well.


I believe I thanked, or expressed my interest in, Dr Skull in a different thread.

Anyway, I ran my group through the Vulture (ie Eastern Desert) adventure and will be running a side adventure soon. Within the next two sessions I too will run "The Lost Garrison". At some point in time, I will put up my game run downs.