Played My First Paranoia Game Last Night

I played my first game of Paranoia last night (well, I GMed it, which was also a first) and had an absolute blast! Thanks to everyone who worked on the game - it made for a wonderful break from our Conan sessions.
Computer: "Troubleshooter, what is chocolate?"

I GMed my first Paranoia game last weekend (only my second time playing--played once on JParanoia). I had a lot of fun, and the players said they did, too. I combined the first half of the Pre-Paranoia mission with Imana from Flashbacks. The game was little slow in the beginning. I let the players stand in the supply line way too long (wait time 56+ hours) before prompting them to the IR market. The best part was 2 Red clearence TRs debating/finger-pointing over which one of them lead the other to write chocolate as his/her favorite BBB flavor. I can't wait to play again. I may not have as many props, as half of them went unused (needless to say, they failed the mission).
Not as bad as this classic from my first mission. The Troubleshooters were forced outside where they encountered Teddybotski, an 80 foot bright Red teedy bear with comunist sympathies and a lot of guns. They had found a cone rifle with one round in it so they fired. Not realising it was a tacnuke!