"Plain Wrap" Supplements for RuneQuest...


Do you remember going to the grocery store and getting "plain wrap" groceries? No frills, no expensive marketing, just good, solid food. We're proud to capture that essence and apply it to our latest line of role-playing game supplements: "Plain Wrap" Supplements for RuneQuest.

Much like their namesake, "Plain Wrap" Supplements for RuneQuest are no frills products; just good, solid bits that you can use in your RuneQuest games. Without the overhead of full color artwork, glossy pages, and "fluff" text, we can provide these products to you at a minimal cost via electronic distribution.

Our first "Plain Wrap" Supplement for RuneQuest is five classic fantasy monsters. Between the covers of five classic fantasy monsters you'll find game statistics and organizational, environmental, psychological, linguistic, and physiological information for the hallmarks of fantasy role-playing monsters: the kobold, the orc, the ogre, the goblin, and the hobgoblin.

Following closely on the heels of five classic fantasy monsters will be five unique fantasy monsters, focusing on five monstrous beings from our in-house fantasy world. Also in the works is elemental options, which details the worship of powerful elemental spirits and includes four new cults, four new cult spells for each of the four cults, and four elemental monsters.

All of our "Plain Wrap" Supplements for RuneQuest will be 100% open content so you can use them in your own games or publications.

For more information as it develops, keep an eye on our website by clicking to the URL in my .sig below.
Wowsie! This is good. MRQ could very quickly become the Linux of game systems with genuinely useful OGL content like this coming out. No danger of "the big book of Jesus Christ 1001 more Feats you'll never use" here!!!
I second that Huzzah and and a Hoody Hoo!!! Looking forward to having these. Now were did my wife hide the credit card? :D