Pirate Islands


I'm just reading the "Pirate Isles" supplement at the moment. Having recently run a 7th Sea/Swashbuckling Adventures campaign, it occurs to me than anyone running a Conan pirate game might find the AEG Swashbuckling Adventures supplement "Islands of Gold" useful. It describes an archipelago set up for pirate-type adventures. You could either place the archipelago out in the Western Ocean somewhere, or use the islands individually; they're suitably varied, and are all set up for adventures, with mysterious ruins, mad sorcerers, weird creatures, ancient cults, etc. It has stats for d20, and the 7th Sea nations could easily be changed to Hyborian ones. This advice is no use to me, because my players visited all the islands in the 7th Sea game, but I thought I'd pass the thought on for others who may find it useful.
Thanks for the advice! I haven't run many pirate adventures yet (just one short scenario as prelude to TotBK and one on the Vilayet Sea), but I'll give Islands of Gold a try - I plan another campaign, where the second half will be a series of pirate scenarios from the Pictish coast to unknown regions east of Vendhya.

I ordered via ebay recently a few Al Qadim books (AD&D). They look promising, even if the magic level has to be reduced. I think there will be good stuff to use for Iranistan and the lands east from there.
Got a copy a few days ago and can recommend it: a nice mix of cliche & new / newly arranged ideas. Certainly very useful to flesh out seafaring campaigns.
Where CONAN Pirate Isles gives rules + some background, this supplement gives a whole chain of islands far in the western ocean.
I'll have to check this out. I was planning on writing an adventure for my group ala "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" with an island like Collasa and such. Perhaps this material might help in that adventure's creation.
I may pick this up myself. I really would love to do some adventures using Pirate Isles, but both my current "Saturday" group and my prospective "Sunday" group are both landlubbers who have no interest with sea adventures, alas. :(