Pimp my Ranged Combat

Clovenhoof said:
Other thrown weapons like daggers and axes: sorry, can't help you there... maybe you could up the AP rating for hatchets and axes. To be precise, I haven't seen an RPG yet where thrown daggers or axes were any good.

Heh, I don't really see why they should be any good, since they aren't very good weapons in the real world.

What comes to your modifications in general, I just thought to note that I think the ranged combat in Conan is good enough as it is. The only chages I did was to increase AP and damage for crossbows and arbalests - and make the feat "Sniper's Eye" or something like that apply all the time, instead of just when the target is flatfooted. What comes to rules in general, I prefer "less is more" -approach. Although I do favor realism, too much of it means too many rules which slow down the game in to a crawl, especially during combat.

Ranged weapons are very effective with poison, sneak attack, superior mobility and sniping. True, you can't just lob off heads like a barbarian with a power attack and cleave armed with a two-handed spoon - but you can still kill people without taking a single blow yourself! I can hardly wait when I have a chance to pit my player characters against proper Shemite or Hyrkanian nomads doing some serious horse archery.

However, please tell how your modifications work out in action, once you have a chance to use them.
Dankeschôn Clovenhoof. :) I'm not sure to implement all those things, but you've proposed a lot of different possibilities...Now if Argo is reading this he will certainly, as always, come with another fix... :wink:
Another thing, more interesting for the "receiving end": is there any feat that allows you to _parry_ ranged attacks? At least thrown weapons, they don't travel so fast and that might be possible.
Think Aragorn in FOTR, how he parries the knife the Uruk throws at him.