Paranoia XP solo game



Hi there folks,

I was looking to contact the paranoia crew of Mongoose games for a little page I made, I thought they might like to put it (maybe modified a bit) on their Paranoia XP promotion page.

I have typed out the solo game in HTML format, to be played at the following link:

Please tell me what you think of it :)
Just so you know in advance, using Firebird 1.0 the mission appears as black text on a black background. I have to override the style on the page to see anything.
Cool :) Glad you like it.

By the way, if you would like to have the code (to host it yourself, or put in on the official website) I would be more then happy to send you the files (in php) that make up the program.
Hi Guys, that link appears to be broken. Can somebody check and see if it's working?
The solo game did look good and I ran through it a couple of times. I hope that it can get back online soon.
Hmm, I see - I think I deleted the file over there while installing my new webpage :)

You can try this link:

It is also posted on the new at my site ( ). A direct link here:

Sorry it went down :(

Redlaco: thanks, I like my site too ;) The site is your friend.
Heres a real simple solo adventure.
Round 1: roll 1d20 on a 1-15 the computer executes you for treason
Round 2: roll 1d20 on a 1-16 your fellow trouble shooters execute you for reaston
Round 3: roll 1d20 on a 1-17 a giant mutant cockroach executes you for inssufficent knowledge of rembrandt
Round 4: roll 1d20 on a 1-18 your secret society executes you for not doing a moose salute the proper way to a superior
Round 5: roll 1d20 on a 1-19 you are executed for reason deleted for security reasons
Round 6: roll 1d20 on a 1-20 you are executed (either by the computer on a roll from 1-10 for rolling to many non approved probability generators or on an 11-20 ALL of the above happens to you and you run out of clones)
Clone Number: 1 2 3 4 5 6
mark off a clone every time you die if you make it to round 6 in a single go mark off an extra clone just because of dumb luck. Alternately mark off a clone every time you roll an odd number as well because being odd is of course treasonous.