Parachuting, skiing and other physical skills


I was wondering if anyone has thought about how to represent physical skills/sports such as parachuting, skiing, SCUBA diving, etc. in the game? There are skills for basic physical abilities such as jump, climb and swim and I have thought about including new skills for Parachute and Ski (SCUBA diving coming under swim, with some training required to use the equipment).

Would it be more apropriate to utilise a Profession skill instead of creating new skills? Profession (Diver) seems to match as there would be a lot more to it than just strapping on a tank and watching pretty fishes, it would include knowledge of air mixes, dive times, underwater construction, etc. But Profession (Parachutist/Skydiver) seems a bit weird.

Any thought out there, or has anyone come across material in other games that might be useful?
In my regular game (d20 fantasy) we have actually seem a reduction of skills or at least a combination of skills forms much like in the Lone Wolf Book.

Acrobatics (Dex) - replaced Tumble and Balance
Athletics (Str) - replaced jump and swim

that sort of thing,

I would not delineate these skills seperately but instead add:

Sport (Dex) - each rank you take adds a new sport to your repetoire
one problemwith the D20 system is an expansion in available skills without an increase in skill points, however adding 2-3 skill points per level would unbalance the game if only core skills were taken.

As far as skills like skiing and skydiving are concerned they best fit into the sport: XX category but their primary stat would be different.

Skiing is an agility based sport so would use dex.

I've been working on spme rules for skydiving and military parachuting but they are not ready for public release.
Skydiving is a perception and mental clarity sport, military airborne drops would fall under Profession: Airborne military, both are Wis skills.
As a skydiver I understand the sport, it's physical and mental demands. Perception is very important in skydiving, you need to know where you are relative to your landing area, where other people are (formation jumps), your altitude and stability. Willpower is also critical, just exiting the plane takes a lot but knowing your limits and only pushing slightly takes even more. Remaining calm when something goes wrong is also helpful. All these factors fit with other Wis. based skills. Sysnergy bonuses might apply for Balance (freefall maneuvers) and Tumble (landings).

A charcter with both Profession: Airborne and Sport:Skydiving would probably get synergy bonuses for spotting the landing area and avoiding damage on landing.