paint stripping problem


ok i just had m m8 in some .6 paint thinner for about an hour and a half, took it out, and it had completely fallen apart, the glue was not eaten, the plastic was not eaten. it was like the break fluid seaped into flaws in the plastic and took it appart, i don't know how this happened cus i've used this same brand on other sst models, and nothing like this has happened, so my marauder is ruined and i'm pissed. rant over, but seriously anyone else seen this??? was it just a flaw in the plastic??? Can i ever fix my marauder???? all this and more sometime....
Erm, that's why I don't use break fluid, or paint thinner on any model. I use Simple Green, soak it overnight, take a soft toothbrush to it, and it'll clean any model easily, with no damage to glue or plastic.
Um...Brake fluid? That's funny 'cause the other day the brakes on my car went out and my mechanic said it was because of the brand of paint thinner
I was running in them! :lol:
Lorcan Nagle said:
Paint thinner and plastic don't often mix well.

yeah, i bought a EE tac squad awhile back and forgot about the properties of thinner....they were jello by the next mornin, and i could not stop laughing :lol: i was like, this has got to be a sign from god to get out of GW stuff...
i didn't use paint thinner, like i said i used break fluid, it works for every thing 'cept this one marauder , i've done other mongoose plastics with break fluid, and i've done GW plastics with it
I Like Simple Green, it works on everything. Just don't leave your pewter or lead figs in it for more than 48 hours it resurfaces the metal. Kinda leaves it rough like emery cloth.
As a rule the only things its safe to strip are white metal figures but even then assume that the bases if plastic are a dead loss.

All I would ever recommend with plastics is base coating them again and starting over which is why it’s a good idea to work out your paint scheme on metal miniatures if you are prone to changing your mind

try a degreaser to remove paint, over here we have dettol or cillit bang, both of which work really well. I dont know how they do on plastics.
Dettol is fine on Plastics, in the US look for LYSOL Disenfectant (they have the same adverts for Lysol in the US as we have for Dettol over here, thereby implying same product.)
NITROMORS is great for stripping paint, whether it's acrylic, enamel or varnish, although it can't be used for plastic models as they disintegrate. Takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Does the same to skin too :wink:

It even dissolves superglue bonds.
I use Nitromors on metal models, its great stuff as long as you wash it off under running water BEFORE picking them up, great way to lose fingertips!

You used to be able to get a specialist paint stripper for plastics through hobby shops, can't remember what it was called. Bit expensive, but it did the trick!
I also really like simple green. It's a very gentle paint remover, I've left plastic models in it for well more then 48 hours with no damage, at worst I've only seen a slight discoloration in the basic color of the plastic. It does take a toothbrush to get the paint off the models after they've been soaked for 8-10 hours, but I don't mind a bit of effort if it means I can basically dump my models in the fluid, forget them and just do a model or two whenever I feel like it.

I haven't really seen the 'resurfacing' problem that was mentioned above with the metal figures I've used in the simple green, but I am not that good a painter, and just could have missed it.
dettol - stick your figure in and leave it for about a week (seriously)

works wonders for plastics

for metal always use nitromors and a good quality set of work gloves.
A soft-ish wire brush and pick of some kind is also good to use with this to help you get the paint out of those nooks and crannies. but dont scrub too hard with the brush!
I believe it is the basic household cleaner/degreaser that is recommended. I bought some a couple of weeks ago but haven't got round to trying it yet. The only way I've found it in the UK is here (but it isn't cheap due to shipping costs):

However - it is a concentrate you are buying so you can keep half for your figures and mix up the other half to clean the kitchen (managed to persuade my other half it was a wise investment with this idea!). You get the bottle of concentrate and an empty spray dispenser for your cash - they actually sent us 2 spray bottles so I managed to keep one of those for modelling purposes too . :wink: