Packaged-Based Character Creation and Zero-Level Skills


I’m using the packaged-based character creation in the Traveller Companion pp. 13-21.

If you get a zero-level skill from your Background package (for example, the Low-Tech background gives you Recon 0), and then you get another zero-level for the same skill from your Career package (for example, the Corsair career gives you Recon 0), then what happens? I’m presuming the two zero-level skills don’t stack, so getting Recon 0 a second time means you still have Recon 0, not Recon 1.

Page 13 says "Note that under this system skill levels all stack, up to the usual maximum level of four. So, a Traveller might gain Carouse 2 from his career to add to Carouse 1 from his background, giving Carouse 3." So this suggests that zero-level skills might stack, but I'm not sure.

Thanks in advance for any insights and guidance! :D
So, even though zero level is a level, you don't get any stacking benefits since it is 0+0, that right?
I have yet to see anything that would indicate anything else... but if you find it, my players would love to know about it. They got double zero hosed on a few skills, too.
I think it would depend on the exact wording when the skills are awarded, whether it is cumulative, a cap, and/or a hard increase; though it should be noted that the author may have meant one thing, but badly expressed it in the text.

Though if I had to interpret the game, stacking would be more leveraging multiple different skills, or from different sources, for greater effect, chaining them together for greater (or lesser) effect.
Skill-0 is really not zero skill but sorta kinda like being half way to having a full skill level.

So 0+0 = 1
My House Rule is 0+0=0... +Lvl-0 in a related skill.

As an example - Recon 0 + Recon 0 = Recon 0 + a skill which could be related to Recon - such as Investigate 0.
Or, as another example - Carouse 0 + Carouse 0 = Carouse 0 + a skill which could be related to Carouse - such as Deception or Diplomat or Persuade or Streetwise.

Note that I also make my players have a story - HOW did the Recon 0 relate to the Investigate 0 that they took instead.