Just a note that 2000AD is now at prog 1500, and from 1505 will be starting the Judge dredd Origins storyline. Finally! The lead-in ('The Connection') started in 1500 and the first part is EXCELLENT.

I won't post anything spoiler-ish, but now is a good time to pick up 2000 AD again if you are a lapsed reader... this story will be running for several months and I get the feeling that if you miss any of it you;ll have to wait for the inevitable Graphic Novel way after the story has finished...
I need to read 1500... one thing that sucks about being in the States is that 2000AD is hard to get... and a subscription is insane $-wise (though... tempting).

I'm looking forward to reading it.... very excited! :D
Good to see 2000AD readers Stateside :)

I married an American woman and we ended up living in Manchester, UK where I'm from rather than Santa Barbera, CA where she is from...

I'm never sure that was a good idea until I remember my Dredd addiction... (oh, and my Gary Numan addiction, and her Man United addiction...)

1501 was good, too, BTW.
Got 1500 and it was great! Need to get 1501 now, but it should be in in a couple of days... yay!

Having a Dredd addiction Stateside sucks... And I too like Gary Numan... Fortunately, it's not so hard to get his stuff here. As for Man U, well, they're not bad... not as good as Chelsea, of course.