Orbital Defense Satellites


How do i use Orbital Defense Satellites in a campaigns?

Whats their Priority level?
Can I buy them as reinforcements?
Why? As it stands, the rules at the moment simply don't require it. The number in place is determined by the PL of the scenario- if you imagine them as towed- mobile, redeployed from trouble spot to trouble spot, that clears up a lot of the conceptual problem.
I was thinking in a campaign , not only in the scenario,sometimes you want to take a planet not something else the dice might give you.
Lets suppose I want to fortify some planets or a jump gate in a system so I can attack another system, I did not find a value for the satellites,I have for the space stations,why not for the satellites?
As written in SFoS, satellites, like the now- unrated civilian patrol boats, are simply a scenario element. The only way to 'dig in' is to assign forces accordingly. This is possibly unforeseen, but probably deliberate, to force you to make choices- the only form of fixed base available is absurdly expensive to buy an unfeasible to repair.
If you want to house rule it, I'd say one for a Patrol point or 5RR- but this would be unofficial.