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Hi guys,

Just a quickie - nothing new coming out for A2089 for a while, and I don't want you chaps to think that we have forgotten about you. So, if anyone fancies running an online A2089 game here on our forums (like we are doing with B5), I would be more than happy to make the space.

Just drop me a line. . .
I havent ever played d20 before, but if anyones willing to run the game im definitely interested, ive only got the Earth:2089 book though at this stage, im not sure if I would need the campaign book etc. to play on the forum?
Hello everybody!

I`m sorry, but I`m not a friend of online games.....but I`m waiting for the A2089 miniatures game.....

To Matthew: You can post some A2089 ideas in order to discuss them - so Mongoose will get some feedback and the forum can be used as an appetizer and advertisement for the upcoming strategy game...... :)