One Page RuneQuest Character Sheet

Lord Twig

Something I worked up in my free time. Everything you need on one page (almost). Please let me know what you think!

The pdf is here

The Word doc is here

For the Word doc you will need the RQ font...

What do you mean you don't have the RQ font? What kind of RQer are you! Okay, fine. You can get the font here
Lord Twig said:
Something I worked up in my free time. Everything you need on one page (almost). Please let me know what you think!

Looks pretty good Lord Twig.

I have one I am finishing with myself, but my is crowded... my group likes to know what is available right on the sheet when it comes to skills, so I have the advanced skills on it too.

But yours is simple and functional. Good Job!
Fixed a couple spacing issues and added columns for Range and Load under weapons.

I will probably do a back sheet as well for keeping track of equipment, magic items and rune integration.
I definitely can't access either sheet or the originating website... Could you please e-mail them to me?

Many thanks
Bo kindly e-mailed copies of the character sheets. I have to say - excellent design. I can't see how you could put together a better sheet on a single page. I'll certainly be using this for my early games (but I may take out the shaded lines and add some more traditional table lines).

Many thanks for an outstanding effort!

Thanks for the replies!

AKAramis: That is the other reason for including the Word doc. You are more than welcome to do table boxes. Honestly that was what I was going to do first, but the shading was a lot easier. :D

hogscape: Thanks! The character sheet is a mixture of the MRQ character sheet and the character sheet I had created for my old RQ3 game. I definitely wanted to add the MP tally area. Again, modify to your hearts content!

Oh, and did you get the latest one with the fixes for ranged weapons?

I will post again when I have the back done. 8)
Added a back page for equipment and integrated runes.

Same links.

Let me know what you think!

Lord Twig

Edit: Oh, I didn't have runes for communication or metal. If I figure something out for those I will fix it.
As usual, I can't get the link to work for me. Could someone please e-mail the sheets to me please???

Many thanks!
I'd very much like to be able to upload these to my fan site. I've already got one set of character sheets up there, these would be a great additional option.
I have mailed you the files hogscape.

simonh, you can repost them if you want. They are free to use. I did these for myself and just figured I would share.