One Page Character Sheet? Help!

Red Tulwar

Help! I need a one paged Conan character sheet in WORD format for a game I'm running Saturday morning. Anyone have one? PDF won't work - I need to be able to save it (I don't have Acrobat). Help! :shock:

If you were using linux I would tell you to use pdf2ps and the use the PS format. With Word, all you really need is an RTF format, but you could try some shareware. Here is a link to a pdf2doc converter:

It will do the first 5 pages only, and expires after 30 days, but the cost is only $12.95 if you want to use it longer.
Some possible solutions:

There are a lot of decent d20 spreadsheets out there, mostly for Excel (which you should have if you have Word). They won't be a perfect fit for Conan, but they will mostly work. Just do a little googling until you find one.

Or, you can use my one-page sheet <pause for dramatic emphasis> without the forms! Just print and use your favorite pencil. It's still pretty fast to create that way.

Or, you can use the form version <another pause for dramatic emphasis> and print it out instead of saving!

The problem is I didn't create the one-page sheet in anything even remotely resembling a word processing program, I used my favorite vector art program. So even I don't have a Word version. ;)

Maybe I'll try to use that shareware PDF to Word converter (points up a post or two) and if it comes out OK I might be persuaded to post it.
Thrack said:
I have a 2 page word sheet someone made up a few weeks ago posted. I actually posted that one. :wink:

I wanted it all on one sheet, but I guess I'll use my own 2-pager since time is short. Thanks all!
What about just photocopying it ? I appreciate it's a bit of a hassle , but if you've got no other option.....