On the topic of pre-painteds

It would appear not, from what I can make out.

Given the demand for sprues would have to be enough to warrant making tens of thousands of them (due to the enormous cost of setting up a production run of plastic sprues) I doubt we will see any "new" sprues once the new figures come out, unless the new figures are made from kits themselves (which would make it technically possible for them to sell the unassembled unpainted ones if they wanted to, if there was enough demand from customers). If the new figures are single-piece moulds then I can't see any viable way they could make new plastic sprues available.
Bubba Ho-Tep said:
Matt already said we would be able to special order unpainted, unassembled stuff.

That'll be great. Duplicity to reach all kinds of players and making the game really popular.
"Wanna play Tabletop but don't wanna paint your Minis? - take SST!"
"Oh, you WANNA paint your Minis because you think it belongs to the hobby? - no problem, in SST, it has a really nice ruleset a creepy fluff and you can just order the unassembled modells as you are used to from other tabletop games!"

(For me the only modells I'd buy prepainted would be LAMI - I had the experience that painting a Warrior Bug is fun, painting 50 humanoid figures is not ^^)
I fall into the "purist" school on this subject - real wargamers BUILD and PAINT their own figures, and all that. :) That being said, after painting 30+ warriors, I can understand a certain appeal to pre-painted sets of troops that would be used en masse.

In the end though, the emergence of pre-painteds isn't going to affect me one way or the other. I already have some 40-50 Warriors waiting to be painted, along with some Guard Bugs, Hoppers, and other odds and ends. This is on top of almost 5000 pts of Arachnids of all types that ARE painted. In other words, I'll be busy for awhile. :lol:

For fellow purists, look on the bright side: as the release date of the pre-fab minis approaches, the existing stocks of unpainted kits could start becoming very, very INexpensive. :wink:
mthomason said:
If the new figures are single-piece moulds then I can't see any viable way they could make new plastic sprues available.
I'm pretty sure that at least the larger models would be produced on sprues, and even single piece models many models to a single sprue (of course MGP might have invented some new process that does not require sprues). If I have understood correctly, the plastic casting process is bit limiting (undercuts etc), so that is why you have more multipart plastic models and more single piece metal ones.

It would not be possible to create many interesting sculpts with just 1-piece plastic models.
Yeah, I'm thinking more the infantry though - if you can make a single-piece metal infantry model there's a good chance the new infantry will also be single-piece, if for nothing else than to cut down the assembly costs.

They have said some models (e.g. exosuits) will be "posable" so that would indicate at least some multi-part models.
Not to jump on anyone in particular but for the whole only TRUE WARGAMERS if you build and paint your own figures group.

I think you are wrong and here is why, that is a very Elitist attitude.

So here is the challenge to all you gotta build and paint "purists".

Until you do as I do you are not a purist.
I sculpt make molds cast my own figures including high multiple part assemblies from my molds. I then assemble and base on my own design pre textured all metal slotta bases. Then I paint the figures to my own taste.

That being said I shall gladly purchase pre-0assembled pre-painted miniatures, if the quality satisfies me. And I would no more criticise someone for buying factory PPM than I would criticise someone for paying a professional (for hire) paionter to paint their army.

One caveat about people paying someone else to paint their army: Said army and gamer should not be eligible for painting awards, that includes those buying a fully assembled and painted army from Ebay etc.