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Hi I'm a new poster to these boards, although I've been lurking for a couple of years now. I've owned B5 since it first came out but it's only recently I've convinced my players to give it a go. Here's the trick one of the players would love to play a technomage, now I know opinion varies on their playability but I was thinking that as there's about a month or two left in the Star Wars game I'm running I'd let him try one out there and then decide if he could in B5. Here's the question what if any conversions would I need to make between systems?

Thanks for any help :)
The person in your group wants to play a Technomage in Star Wars you mean?

If I understand this right you want to see if the technomage can convert over to Star Wars yes? Honestly the best way I can think to do this is to let him play a Jedi (depending on the era your game is in) and see how well he fares there. It's not a direct analogy but there are some similarities between the two types of characters.

In this case that would be the easiest way to do it since it probably would take the time left in the Star Wars game to accurately translate the abilities and the like.
It's not his roleplay ability that worries me. He's into deep immersion roleplay (scary if he's an evil character :roll: ) No I wanted to see how the technomage plays out technically before allowing it into my B% game. I need to see (or be told, in detail, if someone knows) how it plays and handles alongside regular characters.