I have a question for Mongoose. I was reading the decleration of Open Gane Content for Lone Wolf and noticed that 'boxed story text, character names, and character advancement and creation rules' are NOT open. What I found interesting was that place names was left out of this.

Does this mean other publishers can potentially produce and sell Lone Wolf material, set on Magnamund?

Also - the fiction thread earlier had me wondering this: Does this mean that, due to the fact the world is effectively open content, that one could write and market fiction based on Magnamund?

If so, this could be a bounty for all of us fans, as we could see a very steady supply of LW material from whoever cares to make it.
Can't really say that I know my way around this "license" stuff, but if the character names are not free, wouldn't that make the creation of Magnamund material by other people somewhat difficult? Hm, probably depends on what character names we are speaking of, though ...

Another thing that may have to do with that omission, of course, is this comment here ... (Nothing's forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten. :wink:)

I had forgotten about that.

A few other OGL products I have seen have stated that 'Proper Names" or 'character and place' names are not open content. Thus, my question, though it does look like it's possible.
Oh yes I hadn't forgotten that comment either. I had hoped that it meant that perhaps the new order books were going to be rereleased as Joe hasn't given the rights to publish them to Project Aon. But half way through the year and I've heard nothing...... :(