OGL Wild West question

I just recently got this book... I know, I know... I'm deprived... And I love it, and am very much looking forward to running it... which brings me to my question.

Is there, or will there be, any official errata for this book?

I would like to know too. I sure hope so because I love this game. I like how easy it is for characters to die in this game. It forces people to play a little more realisticly. Even though it is an RPG it is nice to have it a little more grounded for a change of pace.
I should post the question in the Rulemasters forum as that is where all game related questions will be answered.
Is it just me or are there some Skills missing from the character sheet PDF? Like Sense Motive and Languages.

I'd like to know about the errata too myself, been running a game set in Fort Griffin, Texas in 1870 and am enjoying it immensely.

Working on a pc for a new player.
Hi there,

If you highlight any questions you have over the rules, send them on, and we'll take a look at them!

Matthew Sprange

Hey Guys,

I got this message back from Matthew. So if you'll post any and all questions here, I'll collect them and pass them to him. Maybe if we compile an unofficial faq, they'll clarify it and make it official. ;)