[OGL Steampunk] Ghost questions


Noob to the forums here.

I have started to play OGL steampunk with some of my D20 Modern friends and our GM decided he would let me play as a ghost. This didnt seem like much of a problem at the time, as the GM said he would play the ghost rules by ear since they do not seem to explicit in the rulebook.

So I would like to ask the question of what rules do you use for ghosts?

Some example questions:

Do ghosts have to "sleep"? (makes sense that they do to keep focus on the astral plane) What happens if a ghost doesnt sleep? What penalties does he take?

When a ghost "sleeps" the rule book says he can go into an object, but does it have to be the same size as him? shape? stationary?

Does the ghosts ectoplasm act as other ectoplasm? Can he change his shape? Can he squeeze through the bottom crack of a door? Since a ghost is made out of ectoplasm, can he mold some of his eqipment into him temporarily as to not dropping it (ie to avoid holstering a firearm)?

What happens to items consumed by ghosts?

Does a ghost lose anything he drops since it loses contact to the astral plane or does it still exist for a short time?

These are just a few of the questions i could think up. If you guys/girls/GMs could help me and my GM out with these questions and any other ghost related information, it would be Phenomenal!

Thanks for everything.