OGL Steampunk - Adversaries


Just picked up the OGL Steam punk book from FLGS and after a quick look was wondering if the following was worth mentioning.

Generally I love OGL products - Both Lone Wolf and Conan were fantastic, however I realised that not having seen any of the other core OGL books like Ancients and Horror that Steam punk may be a little different.

I still like it as a whole but miss the genre specific adversaries, i.e. the unique elements that make the steam punk genre different.

Now before people who have fully read the steam power section lampoon me I believe that you could use these to alter existing encounters to steam punk.

But that would require another book with the base creature stats and here is my main point, the OGL core rulebook page states quite clearly

"The Core Rulebooks from Mongoose Publishing are a series of full-blown RPGs designed to fully explore individual genres, giving players and Games Masters all the tools they need to create their own settings and scenarios."

There are no examples (actually I think I saw one) in the book, no NPC classes, no example NPC with pc levels or npc levels and no unique monsters or adversaries.

Please Mongoose keep up the good work and provide some further details on NPCs or standard Steampunk Goons.

Oh and I would second a character sheet, and maybe a wee web enhancement with some Steam gargoyles, Juggernaut Loaders, Mechanical hybrids? Etc
Kiln Publications will be releasing a free downloadable pdf of a NPC that you can introduce into your gaming for OGL Steampunk. We are looking at the week of Gen Con. Check out our first one this weekend on August 1st... it will be for OGL Horror however.