OGL Slaine?

blue crane

Hi there!

I would love to see this: OGL Slaine. To have everything in one book, is (in my opinion) the way to go. What do you think?

Blue Crane
I think Slaine is never to see print again, despite being probably the best d20 system around. Still at least I had the pleasure of being privy to one of the best games around. those who missed out, hah! I know one day you'll look back and be washy eyed....
Don't know how I missed this thread, but I agree an OGL containing all the rules would be great.

Could add the new Midgard articles to an enhanced Tir-Nan-Og supplement?

Maybe redo the tribe books in one larger one rather than the smaller ones, ditto for the Campaign 'Horned Lord and Moon Sow'.

A new publications for the villains could be done using the great work from the S&P artciles on the Cythrons, Fomorians et al...

Doing it that way would mean the players can buy one or two books and the GM the ones they really need.