OGL Lone Wolf & Grey Star The Wizard

blue crane

Dear Sir,

Is the Lone Wolf RPG going to cover aspects such as: Grey Star, the Shianti, the Moonstone, Shasarak and the Shadakine Empire, et cetera?

If not, are we going to be seeing this possibly covered in a supplement later on?

Thank you.

Blue Crane


The core focus of the game is the continent of Magnamund and the kinds of action and settings seen in the original run of Lone Wolf books. References are made to the Shianti, the Lorestones, and Shadaki (the Shadaki even get their own character class, though it may not eb what you think it is... :) ), but they are not the focus of the system.

You will be able to play a Grey Star-like character using one of the core classes if you wish; that much I will tell you. :)

Can't say much else right now. A preview is coming!



Hello Kai and Magnakai disciplines are used as spells or psionics power or be some type of supernatural powers?

All ranks of Kai are designed; Grand Masters disciplines are included?

Thanks :)