OGL CyberNet Soundtrack update...


April 21, 2004 --- CyberNet Official Roleplaying Soundtrack advertisement update…

“I have the Power…!”

That’s right, Masters of the Universe [Comic Book Volume 3, Issue#1] (MVCreations) released a little over a week ago. Buried within the pages of issue #1 is my latest advertisement promoting the CyberNet Soundtrack. The artwork is a commission piece painted by Andy Lee and modified for the ad by yours truly! Be sure to pick up a copy of MOTU#1 today at your local comic shop and show your support!

Or, check out my Advertisements page for an electronic glimpse of this, and all advertisements I’ve taken out for all my projects.

Remember folks, “I have the Power…!” :)

- Stratos
I can't wait to get my hands on this album.

The ads are sweet!
You need to add a page for the original art too!
What's the hold up? :D

'til next time...
Anyone know how much the original MOTU #1 is worth? The one that came out in 80 something? I have it on display in my room as one my most prized comics!