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Should the OGL Books to have its own forum, with each individual book having its own subforum?

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Okay, Lone Wolf got its own forum. Should we, the gamers ask for the OGL Books to have its own forum, with each individual book having its own subforum?
I vote for yes. There are massive ideas floating around. The drawback to sticking with the way it is now, is that some ideas will be behind several pages of posts that you have to sift through to find. The benefit to having a forum with each book broken down into subforums is that it would be easier to find topics and ideas related to that topic one is searching for. I think it would be a good move on Mongooses part to do this. Lets rally for it!
I vote yes. Anything tht makes it easier to get to the info you want without having to sift through pages of threads you don't want.
I had to vote yes on this question. It seems to me that whenever I need to check information on a particular OGL book I have to scroll down half the page to find the postings that I want. We need to consolidate all this information into seperate threads. An adderd bonus would be to add a seperate "Rulesmaster" sticky to each OGL forum. That way we can get all the info for each book on one page.
I would suggest adding an OGL Mix and Match forum too for people who want to combine elements of different OGL titles, like OGL Horror and OGL Wild West, for example.
this forum realy needs a pure cybernet section atleast as i have a hard time tracking down all the cybernet threads (im starting to wonder a bit on how this book got out, there are so many loose ends that the FAQ only covers 1% of it from my point of view)...
I agree that each OGL book should have it's own subforum. That way if you want to get info for one of the books, you won't have to sift through posts about the other titles.

Thats just my 2 bits :)