OGL Ancients Question - Would it be fair to say... ?


Would it be fair to say that since OGL Ancients is set (according to the Details section on the main site) before the rise of the Roman Empire... that it is any time before 509 B.C. - the year Rome becomes a republic?!?


It doesn't really seem to have a set time period. If you were to use the game to run a campaign in Classical or Hellenistic Greece, those would be after 509. (The Classical period being 480?-323, Hellenistic 323-err... when Cleopatra bit the dust.)
When i do get around to running Ancients It will be around 480 B.C.. Leonidas and the Spartans versus Xerxes and the Persians seems like a great backdrop.

The rules tend to favor classical Greece up until the rise of Alexander and Egypt in the corresponding time. The Roman Empire isn't given much space in the book.
IMHO, the rules are quite flexible.
You may be able to set any time period (even up to the dark ages) using the new 'twiked' rules.
You would only have to change the equipment (armor & weapons) and the pantheon of gods.

Everything else would be a nice fit (the new combat rules, the formation feats, the magic system, divine points, etc).
Seems like a clear case of Mongoose hoping to publish a source book, IMO. Rome, one would expect, would have a bigger draw than Greece. Not for me, personally, but for most of the other gamers I know.
Depends... Most gamers I know prefer Ancient Greece rather than Rome. Mostly because Greece mythos put the emphasis on strong heroes intermingling with deities. It sounds more tempting than the prospect of impersonating an anonymous Roman legionary... :wink:

The interest for Ancient Greece will get quite rekindled with the upcoming blockbuster movie "Troy". Of course some could say Ancient Rome had its own "Gladiator" a couple of years ago. I have a feeling Troy will be better, somehow. Probably because of the subject (Illiad).