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The Warlord

Parden all the noob questions, but I notice that a lot of the first level NPC have two feats (particularly Improved Initiative). Why?

I have a thief in the campaign, who by the way the rules read starts with one Feat, yet the NPC thieves all start with two.

What am I missing?
Favoured Class bonus feats probably. You get one feat regardless and another at first level if the class is a Favoured Class. Seeing as how most of the NPCs will be Hyborian (and thus can have any class as a Favoured Class) most of them will have two Feats at first level.
All characters get one feat at 1st level.

In addition, you get a bonus feat at 1st, 5th, and 10th level if you take levels in your race's Favored Class.

Zamorians are very sneaky and have Thief as Favored Class.
Hyborians are very versatile and have (All Classes) as Favored Class (meaning you get the bonus feats for any combination of classes if you are Hyborian).

Hence, the Thief NPCs have two feats at 1st level.

- thulsa