No more previews?


Why aren't there any free previews of the books? And experimental rules etc?

I like them and miss not getting any new ones, I check everyday, but nothing new is being put up on the B5 section :cry:

They're probably preoccupied with trying to get the books out as close to the intended release dates as possible so they more than likely don't have the time they'd like to put up previews.
I guess I'll have to wait until I get the books myself then, too bad only the first three are available here in Sweden (at least where I live) I terrorize my local gameshop, several times a week, asking if anything new has come out. I always get the same answer "Nope".

I want the others so badly and I want to referee, but I don't want to until I have the EF and Minbari books (two players are humans and one is a minbari) so they can make characters with the d20 system, I used the old system before.

yepp, but I have made a deal with the I will have to wait, since it's not his fault that the company that he gets his stuff from is slow to deliver, but he told me the last time that he was tired of them being so slow so he's thinking of changing company. Oh well, I guess I'll have them eventually.