Nice article

Mark Dunder

Nice article by Allen on RPGs. Just found it.

The Forge is a little too complicated for my forum tastes. Too serious. Their theory is as good as anyone's elses theory, I guess.

I think it's very funny that they can't fit Paranoia into their little catagories. Truely putting the game into the GMs control and having players directly conflicting against one another is how regular games have always been. Any board game ends up with one player as the winner, and nobody finds that strange.

Role-playing games are strange. You pick one player (the GM) to be the bad guy basically, and all the other players are against the GM. If this isn't unbalanced, I don't know what is. Pitting players against players is how the world usually operates when it comes to games. Sure, we have teams that play against other teams, but in the end, the referee is not the foe of the players.

Just a thought.
Interesting notion, Mark. It's my own contention that PARANOIA fits awkwardly in the existing Big Model/GNS Theory framework. No doubt everyone on The Forge would instantly and decisively consign it into one or another category.