Next Campaign Fleet?

What Fleet would you take?

  • Earth Alliance

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  • Dilgar Imperium

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  • Centauri Republic

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  • The League of Non-Aligned Worlds

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It appears that my friends and I are coming to an end of our current campaign. The current fleets in the campaign are ISA, Narn, Dilgar and Drakh and I suspect that most of us will be wanting to play something fresh. With this in mind I expect the following fleets to be in the mix as people have already mentioned them - Earth Alliance, Minbari and maybe ISA. This leaves with thinking about fielidng one of the following fleets:

Earth Alliance - if it has not been taken ( we only allow one force per race)
Dilgar Imperium - I really like their raid and war ships.
Centauri - Although I am an avid Narn player none of the guys I have played with have really used the Centauri and they have a lot of decent raid ships in my opinion.
The League of Non-Aligned Worlds - just for the sheer diversity of ships that would be available.

What would you play from this list and why?
Centauri because I love their concept - ex lion of the galaxy etc. Bring them back to their rightful place in the stars!
Have to say Centauri, they've just got a great mix of ships and can really hold their own.

I would say the League, but against that opposition I think it would be a bad move. That said the Abbai are fun until people realise how much RR you're getting for doing nothing ... :wink:
have to say league...if I was in the market, which right now I'm not. There so much more EA I'd like to get...

Why? I like the variety and the "underdog" quality that the league seems to have.

Dilgar. That way if you give into maniacal evil laughter you can just claim that you're "in character". :) Centauri make a good second choice for the same reason.
Another vote for Dilgar! I played them this past weekend. Wow, it's amazing how often you see criticals just by shear volume of dice!
I am all for the league fleet. BTW dose anyone do Drazi or vree fleets by themselves? Wouldnt mind some ideas on 5 point war lvl fleets for these two.
snubby said:
I am all for the league fleet. BTW dose anyone do Drazi or vree fleets by themselves? Wouldnt mind some ideas on 5 point war lvl fleets for these two.

-2x Stormfalcons 1pt
-2x Solarhawks / 2x Guardhawks 1pt
-8x Warbirds 2pt
-4x Strikehawks 1pt

-2x Xaak 1pt
-6x Xill 2pt
-4x Xixx 1pt
-2x Xorr / 3x Vaarl 1pt
I would recomend a League fleet. You could do an Abbai/Vree mix. That would hurt you in the initiative area, but all those good, strong armored, interceptor loaded Abbai ships and Vree long range antimatter torpedos...Damm!!

Not a fun fleet to play against!

Snubby, You asked for recomendations for a 5pt. War level Vree fleet, yes??

Well, I play Vree 99% of the time. I just love that Sm and thise antimatter torps! I digress. Anyway, Here is what I would recommend.

6 Xaak's-3 pts.
6 Vaarkas (skirmish lvl scout-Great ship) -1 pt.
And either 6 Xixx's (skirmish torp saucers)-1 pt.

I think my point count is correct. Anyway, the Xill is ok...but not tough enough to survive to get into range of the antimatter cannon (10")
The Xaak's will give you a long distance weapon to hit them with on your way in. Here is something you could try if you were feeling really nasty :twisted:

Have a "group" of 1 Xaak and 2 xixx's target one ship each in the 1st round. That will be 14 AD of DD, Precise, Super AP, antimatter torpedoes on just one ship. If it is skirmish level, that should take it out. If it is battle level, you might take it out (with a few lucky crits). If you are facing lots of battle level ships, make each attack "Group" 3 Xaak's and 3 Xixx's. That would only be three group volleys for that 1st round, but unless you roll totally crappy, that will take out 2 battle level ships if the 1st round.

Then for the second round, charge your Xaaks and Vaarkas in to knife fighting range, have the xixx's stand back and shoot every other round with them.

Be warned, this can be really messy, but fun! anyway...there is my two cents worth. Take it or leave it as you please.

As to Drazi...never played them, only killed them!
EA cos you can use Chronos frigates then :D

Seriously though EA have a good variety of ships and against some races interceptors can be a godsend (against some races they can be pretty useless though (Vorlons, Shadows, Minbari and certain Centauri fleets just beam you to death)

Out of the lists you suggested I'd actually favour the Centauri. They have a really excellent selection of ships to choose from. The Primus is one of, if not THE best Battle ship in the game in my oppinion, though it needs support to cover its vulnerable sides and rear (not everything dies from the intial Battle lasering :p) and this is where the Vorchans and Sullusts etc come in.

The Octurian isnt as good as it looks at first in my mind but frankly, I dont care, it just looks so damn cool (plus its HUGE, seriously if youve not seen it its one of the biggest minis in the game (in terms of actual bulk its actually BIGGER than a Victory destroyer (though the VCD is longer and wider alot of it is space).
I must admit I am still to be inclined towards either Earth or Centauri as neither fleets have had a good use amongst my group.
League followed closely by the Dilgar.

The league just has great loads of flavor and their fleets, though challenging, are a great deal of fun to play.

And the Dilgar are just plain mean I tell ya'! :twisted:
I must admit that the Dilgar when I played them were fun and their ships were surprisingly tough, especially for a race that was supposedly "out of date" those bolters are just plain nasty!!
Beware of Dilgar, they have huge fleet issues in campaign. Both the XP system and the refits/duties work heavily against them.

Go ahead, and scan the Dilgar refit list. How many of these amount to wasted XP? As you can see, most of them. There's just not much there. The engine refit would be nice ... except you can't get it on the ships that need it, the Wahant, Rohric, and the Khatrik! Mass Drivers are rare birds to use .. so what good does extra mass drivers do you (even more on this later!)? The extended range can be nice for some bolters, I suppose, and the additional couple of dice is nice, but it would be a whole lot better on a beam-based ship. It's all pretty useless.

Unfortunately, the Duties aren't much better. There's some lame stuff here, too. Check it out .... how often do you capture a ship, and still have to count really hard to find out if you won or not (the Captor duty)? Seriously!

So ... you can at least use the XP for combat dice, right? Nope, sorry, you get sc**wed here, too. You live of the critical, so, in a world with 2 experience dice per ship, if you get two crits, your opponent will point at those 2 crit dice, spend some XP, and say "roll again." He has a wonderful chance (5/6 per die) of killing a Master of Destruction critical. Can you spend XP to stop this? Not nearly ... you only get a 1/6 chance of getting it back!

Experience points really hurt the Dilgar badly. If you're going to go for it, you have to go before all those ships have XP ... and, in campaign ACTA, the first to fight is the first to be gutted: you won't have any fleet left in no time at all. Having any fun yet?

Oh yeah ... about using those Mass Drivers? Do you think he'll make you reroll that crit that gave him that speed 0 no special actions? And do you think you'll get it back? Thought not!

Campaign Dilgar really have their work cut out for them. Be very aware of this before you start with 'em.

Finally, I must content one statement -- the Dilgar War-level ships stink. Avoid, avoid, avoid. They die way too fast. Buy Targraths instead.

On the whole? Go with ships that scale and have the best options. I'd suggest Centauri. No weak fighting level, huge ship vocabularies, and a basic combat premise so simple you can implement it anywhere .... lots and lots of Battle Lasers, backed by very cool cheap Corvans. Sulusts are particularly nasty choices.