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B5: The Mystery on Mars

Possible, the Shadow ship found buried there opens up some possibilities....
Ignore that, mind wandering and not watching the letters!
... since both races seem to love Spoo.... allbeit at different tempratures tho.....

At ten credits an ounce, if you can belive that..!

Ten Megalamaniac Shadows?

The Mars Syndicate?

Thirty Mean Spacehands

But I see something with the telepath wars or something against the shadow minions...

The Minions of Shadows...

Oh and Oooooooh to the one who understood the encrypted message in the hole in the wall thing.

Techno-Mages of Shadow

Techno-Mages of Science

Techno-Mages of Sorcery

The Monsters of Space

The Masters of Space

The Masters of Shadow

The Master of Shadows

Telepathic Masters of Sorrow

The Master of Stars

Telepathic Masters of Space

The Minions of Shadow

The Martians of Sierra Planum
The Minbari of Shadow

The Moon of Shadow

The Master of Style

This Mind of S....

That Mound of S...
How about this as title?

B5: The Movement of Shadows

B5: The Moments of Sinclair (where we could see what happened to him after he became Valen)
I think that the "prequal" of the first minbari war, were Valon and B4 went back intime would make great movie.....

starwars did it why can't B5 :wink:

Course, I personaly want to know what happened to the "keeper" that was in the ern that Londo gave to Sheradin and delin's unborn child, for them to give to him at the age of 16.

read the centauri Trillogy and i belive its all explained there.. but if this is a big budget movie which I hope it is... unfortunatly they cant do that storyline do to the fact that you need to know too much about the TV show to understand the movie.....
Anonymous said:
I think that the "prequal" of the first minbari war, were Valon and B4 went back intime would make great movie.....

starwars did it why can't B5 :wink:


As a fan, this is perhaps the story that I want to see more than others. It might be hard to see on the movie screen though, as casual viewers might find it harder to relate to a cast that is composed of non-human characters. As a mini-series however, I think that it is much more feasible, IMHO.

The Valen story is hinted at in several places, in particular 'City of Sorrows' and 'In Valen's Name'. The latter is one that I would have loved to have seen made into a two parter. There are so many unanswered questions about the Valen era. We know he beat the Shadows, enough to force them into their hiding places to wait for a thousand years. How did he do it? Did he have access to telepaths? Did the Vorlons get involved? What about the alliance of races that he set up, in the same way that Sheridan did a thousand years later. How did the Vorlons react, in the knowledge that Sinclair, by being born a thousand years hence, effectively knew more of their future history than they did? Did Kosh, via Sinclair, learn of his own death to effectively seal a new alliance of races in 2260? What happened to Zathras?

So many questions, so few answers... :lol:

As far as the Centauri Trilogy, I think the same for the feature film applies as for the Valen/B4 story. It needs to be human-focused, to help draw in casual watchers. Heck, us B5'ers will spend our cash, but for WB to make it really worthwhile, and hopefully power the juggernaut that B5 deserves to be, they need to pull in those that have heard about the series, perhaps seen an episode or two, but thats about it.

One of my thoughts is that it could be about the return of Valen :D His return is hinted at in several episodes.

Another thought I had was after watching the commentry on Deconstruction of Falling Stars, where JMS mentions he would love to do a story/film about what happened after the Great Burn (the bit with the Ranger disguised as a Monk). JMS seemed quite keen about this so I think it could well be a possibility.
It could also be a movie about David, sheridens son, who joined the rangers, it could be about his adventures. Any thing about the Rangers would kick arse! and JMS did mention in the commentary that he didn't want to show him in the final eposode just in case they did a story with him in the future, they didn't want to "lock" a specific actor into the role.

not the Ranger, not the Ranger
shalazar_bation said:
. . . Any thing about the Rangers would kick arse! . . .


I'm not so sure about that.

Recall how poorly the Ranger pilot did.

It would have a lot of potential.