New Vree Ship Stats??


Hello all,

Being a Vree player, I'm dying to know that stats for the new Vree ship(s) in the new release. If someong knows...please post it here...I'm just interested if it will be worth my time or not. (I love the Zaak!!) Thanks in advance.
Uhhh prolly no luck, since stat posting isnt allowed, copyright ans such.

Though if you het lucky with some threads, the full stats sometimes pop out. Like the Whitestar fighter......

Someone might be able to post good descrptions of its ability though, including comparisons ^^.
It's a very good ship, except it has a lack of crew on it (like several other Armageddon ships). Think the Xaak but bigger and with more firepower.
How about one stat then...

I am trying to determine what kind of Carrier it will be. Is this like the whitestar carrier with 8 flights or is this like the Brikorta 'carrier' with 2?

Is it a fleet carrier?

Okay, that is two. But one can be ballpark...=)

(the no stats rule does get a tad vague sometimes, was thinking it was mostly no AD numbers, damage/crew, etc, more than no traits.)
i can't remember to be honest, but most of the new ships have the carrier trait, and a decent compliment of fighters, although the G'Vrahn is annoying, 5 frazi flights, not a carrier, grrrr
its not a carrier of any sort, just has 4 flights of the tzymms. and of course with vree getting the equivalent of CQ5 fighters that puts them on par with the new EA star fury (unless its an ISA star fury which is just plain nasty).
5 Frazis without thats a joke....

More like mix and match Goriths and Frazis and launch the ones you need most first. Heck the last is launched 4th turn, well after the battle should be closing. 5th turn i think ive never really played that one......

Smells more like a disguised on the field equipment option.
you can get them all launched by turn 2 if you pass 2 scramble scramble orders which are 3+ for your average ship to pass.

How exactly are the Vree getting CQ5 fighters?

Vree get a bonus to crew quality checks and damage control rolls. Their actual crew quality does not increase. So for dogfighting they do not get a bonus, as that is neither kind of roll, but a dogfighting roll that is defined as a D6 plus the crew quality plus the dogfight score.

The Tzymm is a +1 dogfighter but hardly the equilvalent of the Nia/Tishatl at +3/+4 or the Centauri sentri/razik at +2/+3. These are your primary dogfighters. My understanding is in Arm. the Starfury is going up to a +2 as well and they have access to a Fleet Carrier. ISA just got better across the board with their now having a fleet carrier and even better earth alliance based fighters in addition to their crew quality boost. Against a ISA Nial the best most of the non-aligned can do is tie, though a mixed fleet with a Brokadoes on the table and Tzymms in flight could in theory generate a +2 dogfighter. The equivalent ISA Nial plus Whitestar carrier would generate a +4 with a CQ bonus in of +1 assuming pickup battle.

Say again where the Vree got much to be even in the cheering section of the high quality dogfighters?

The fleet carrier trait does not mention race only fleet. Much like the scout trait which only mentions friendly, this is not tightly defined. However the rule for Non-Aligned in the SFoS sidebar does refer to a Non-Aligned Worlds fleet specifically, so I would allow it at this time. Should we get a ruling that defines 'fleet' as 'race' for purposes of this rule then I would change my opinion.

Rereading the Fleet carrier rule in SFOS, the bonus to dogfighting will apply to fighters of other races in an allied fleet, but not the repair and replenish aspect. It is stated that only fighters that the fleet carrier can hold can benefit from thataspect of the trait.

katadder said:
you can get them all launched by turn 2 if you pass 2 scramble scramble orders which are 3+ for your average ship to pass.

Which means less APTE for my normally more powerful secondary batteries.........
the G'Vrahns secondary batteries really arnt needed that much, in fact its not like other narn ships as doesnt have a whole lot of secondaries. at range 25" you have almost all weapons in range so no APTE needed as you dont want someone out of your front arc.

then my point os quite moot ofc.

But that is quite a difference from standard "in your face" Narn tactics or rather paradigms of ship designs.

Even the Bin'Tak is alot more dangerous at 8" than elsewhere. Aka the shipbreakers against burning the ceptors with particles fireworks.

Ok need to wait till i have armageddon in my hands........
probably and idea, plus the G'Vrahn actually has interceptors of its own :) and advanced mag guns, advanced emines, ion torpedos, hell this thing is a ranged terror and not sure wether would take one of these or a bintak, maybe both :)