New Sorcery Rule idea: Higher Sorcery


Looking at the magic system in Conan, I notice that through the use of power points, It might be possible to do some kind of customizing.

Higher Sorcery would be a feat, one for every sorcery style. Acquiring the feat would allow the sorcerer to customize his spells in a variety of ways.

For example.....

Higher Sorcery (Nercomancy)
Prerequisites: Knowledge (arcana) 15, Death Touch, Magic Attack Bonus +6

Benefit: With this feat, the scholar can, by means of using more power points, customize a spell of the Necromancy school in a variety of ways.

The spells that can be customized and the ways in which they can be altered are......

Raise Corpse:

Eyes of the Dead
3 extra PPs
Benefit: The caster can see through the eyes of the living dead he raised. The vision is 30ft, and view is shadowy and blurry, like seeing something in a poorly lit room. (+5 to all spot or search checks) The corpse need not have eyes for this to work.

Voice of the Dead
2 extra PPs
Benefit: The caster can talk using the zombie's mouth. The voice is deep, cracked and emotionless. This had a range equal to double the range for a Raise Corpse Spell. The Caster can not cast a spell at a distance with this, but he can send the zombie to deliver messages. The corpse needs to have a relatively working mouth for this to work.

Ears of the Dead
3 extra PPs
Benefit: The caster can hear through the ears of the zombie. The sounds are heard as if the ears were covered with a scarf or cloth. (+5 to all listen checks) The corpse needs to have relatively functioning ears for this to work.

Strength of the Grave
3 extra PPs
Benefit: The zombies created by a raise corpse spell are stronger and tougher; they get a +2 bonus to strength and 2 damage reduction

Army of the Dead
5 extra PPs
Benefit: The zombies created by a Raise Corpse Spell are more capable than the normal living dead. Corpses can be raised with 1 level of Soldier. The corpses no longer only take only a standard or move action each round, but are the same in all other respects.

Jaws of the Crypt
4 extra PPs
Benefit: The zombies created by a Raise Corpse spell gain the Relentless Jaws ability like Ghouls. It is the same, except the zombies gain a bite attack with 1d4 damage, and it takes twice as long to chew through armor.

Power of the Grave
10 extra PPs
Benefit: This grants the caster the ability to cast spells through a zombie created by him. Each time the scholar attempts to do this, he must make a Concentration check (DC 20). Also, this process burns out the zombie internally. This can only be done with a specific corpse a number of times equal to the scholars charisma modifier.

Ok, this is just an example. What do you think? Is it horribly unbalanced, or what? I know its not perfect, I just wanted ot know what everybody thought.
Since I don't have a Sorcerer among my PCs (we agreed on that because we want mysteries to stay mysteries far away from rules knwon by the players), I'm not the expert in game balance questions. But regarding NPC Sorcerers I'd say it surely looks promising! :)
Actually I play scholar. I'm trying to conceal my powers (spells primarly) and the spells I cast is chanelled through an amulet, we decided (me and GM) that it looks like the amulet have all the powers and not me. I dont't think that it's too unbalanced, if it's handled right way. What I meanis that GM gives some lines to a player, who then makes his "greater spells" keeping in mind what GM allows and what is forbidden. I'll have to give this idea to our GM, thanks Scorpion13 for the great idea 8)