new slaine campain tears of lir coming soon

toothill man

the group have finished this campain and now having a break for school holidays so like the other campain will post hear but be warned this sucker has 30 bits too it :twisted:
Well whenever you can get to it, no worries. Just we shall wait in anticipation to the works of the toothhill Man. Also tooth it would be cool if you wrote with each part at the end on how your party faired through that part of the story. Just to give an idear on how to go about it. Would be interesting to see what happened in your game.

Kinda like a commentary on a DVD. :lol:
am on a weeks holiday too cornwall from tommorrow so will do alot of the pen and ink work then it is just then a matter of scribing it into the forum be warned some of the chapters may need breaking down so will be far more than the 30 the group whent for.
Well cannot wait to see what The Mighty ToothHill has to show us from his latest campaign of Slaine. I too have found writing a mini-campaign has a better chance of playing all the way through it and having some resolution as opposed to leaving it open ended only to never have any closure with the characters and people either lose interest or are unable to commit the time as they once were able to.

hi guys I am back and happy too say refreshed from the break so will start typing soon :lol: have always done the vast amount of my campains in this mode as it means most will attend all sessions instead of being left behind as the group moves on :twisted: