New Ships - What Would You Like to See?


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Hi guys,

Attention in the office is starting to focus on next year's releases for A Call to Arms. Now, we have all sorts of special things planned here and there but what I would really like to hear your thoughts on are new models.

What ships would you like to see? We are not currently looking for opinions on rules (already being worked on!) or sculpting/casting processes (already fixed!). Just new ship designs you feel the game could use. . .
more lower level choices for late era EA. With the fleet being modernised pretty well at raid and above the patrol and skrimish choices seem a little bit outdated :p

Also more ships for the raiders.

And while were at it how about some alternate sised shadow ships for differenent PLs.

Maybe an armageddon level ship for the Dilgar (I know theyre a dead race but theres no reason to leave them out :p)

And finally:

Pak'Ma'Ra fleet
Gaim Fleet

and the other unused races (the above two first as I wouldnt be surprised if there were existing forces of them out there looking to expand and get into a new game).
Before creating new ships Mongoose should create counters for those ships we dont have yet.(Dilgars,Drakh and the new armageddon ships)
blacktorn said:
Before creating new ships Mongoose should create counters for those ships we dont have yet.(Dilgars,Drakh and the new armageddon ships)

On the way, though it will be next year before you see them in the stores.
Thirdspace fleet please:

They're canon, have lots of sculpting possibilities, and have cool Vorlon related fluff. Also, the gateway-device itself could be a good mini/conversion. Since their telepathy is so strong they're are a lot of special rule possibilities.

Also the Ipsha:



I believe they're also canon given the image I found with their ship emerging from a jump gate, tons of sculpting and hull variant possibilities. Also a distinct looking fleet different from anything else currently available.
Matt, while I reserve judgement to make further comment after I see the Armageddon book :lol: All I can say at the moment is that the late era EA list posted in the S&P has holes at skirmish (BIG hole) and war (would have preferred to see the warlock stay at war PL myself).
The second is less an issue than the first, as the Command Omega usually isn't a choice for many players (they'd rather take a warlock I imagine) but not having seen the stats in Armageddon who knows.

Some of the leage fleets could use a better variety of models (Vree and Drazi particularly) many of their ships are simply variants of other hulls.

If you're thinking of introducing a new fleet, personally I think I'd stay away from the Ipsha and thirdspace. They're only seen in one episode each (the Ipsha is never seen fighting, I believe, and the 3rdspace fleet shouldn't ever been seen again in this universe, according to canon.

I'd like to see other league races fleshed out. Gaim, Pak'ma'ra for starters.

I like the campaign books, like the Earth-Minbari war, but several fans are baeting you guys to the punch for those...! :wink:


Id love to see more variants for the league races. Right now they dont really seem to have enough to be played well as seperate fleets.

Id really like to see the brakiri heavy fighters for instance.
Additional leagues ships would be nice too.

Actually any ships which have the iconic 'oomph' that the original ships did would be nice (Sharlin, Omega, G'Quan, etc.), hence the Thirdspace/Ipsha suggestions.
I would like to see the following:

Babylon 4

I noticed a few mentioned the Third Space fleet, that would be very cool.

Different sized Shadow Ships would be great since in the show we couldn't really tell if all of them are the same size, they are organic so I imagine no ship is the same.

I would like to see a few ships from, *takes a deep breath and says as fast as he can* Legend of the Rangers, PLEASE DON'T HIT ME! I just think it would be cool to have some more evil ships. We never really found out about those weird looking Shadow like vessels.

DEFINITLY Jump gates. The four pronged and the three pronged.

It would be kinda fun to have those service bots, a couple of flights of them woudl be kinda fun... Babylon 4 and 5 cannon fodder to send into ships. If you recall from the Thirdspace movie. It was neat to see them in formation in ramming speed.

Soul Collectors would be pretty cool too.

I better stop. :shock:
I'd like to have more historical EA ships, but additional League races would be nice too.

Jump Gates would be a very nice addition to Call to Arms.
Let's see, more variety in the league ships would be welcome, as well as the inclusion of the so far not-included league races, such as the Gaim and the Pak'ma'ra, (yes I know you said they would not get their own fleet, but maybe they could be a 'supplimentary' fleet.) I do not think any of the 'core' races really need too much bulking up, fleet wise, except maybe the ISA. It would be nice to see some additional original designs for that race, rather then just white-star clones. I'm sorry, but those white star varients just look horrid in my opinion.

The third space ships would be canon, as well as appropriate.

I would also like to see something canon, but otherwise completely original...the ships that were featured in the 'Legends of the Rangers' movie and and the race that was alluded to there. I think that could be an extremely interesting way to branch out the game universe and do something without having to hold yourselves to just what has been previously established.
Add to the call for more league variants.

Add to the call for Ipsha (thought we saw them twice). I like this as a add to the league fleets as it is canon and unique looking.

Maybe do a 'league minor players' set of ships. Not whole races but a couple of ships each.

Third Space would be very cool. Not all of us are playing 'timeline' scenarios like this was a historical mini's game. Besides, that was a cool battle to recreate.


I don't know if we're just talking about designs or wholesale new races...

Tactical ideas:

First and foremost, Late Earth needs skirmish ships. Not one, closer to three. Preferably, not boresighted.

The Drazi need a Scout. The AoG Eyehawk may be what the doctor requires.

The Vree need a Hull 5 Skirmish ship, even if its firepower is poor. Perhaps an uparmoured Xurr with its antimatter converters? They also need a dedicated carrier, the Xeel. The Tzymm needs a place from which it can excel.

The Abbai could really use a Jucaya so they can be fielded legitimately in a campaign as a race unto themselves.

The Raiders need .... a lot of work. Sigh. They need a lot of ships, too. 2 pure raider hulls with move of over 8", one a Skirmish and one at Raid, would make a ton of difference to this fleet.

The Narn need the T'Rakk. Just because it's so flippin' obvious.

The Vorlons need something antifighter (although something to this effect is hinted at in Armageddon), and the old Destroyer Escort from AoG days should do nicely. There's also evidence of Vorlon Light and Heavy Carriers, which should be considered.

The Minbari need another Skirmish hull that can survive the Stealth changes. The tactical ideas behind the Torotha don't quite match what Armageddon currently demands of them. I can't find a good AoG hull to fit the premise now, though.

The original B5 stuff included a Shadow Destroyer that was based on the Scout hull. Shrug. A Raid hull without the stealth? Maybe Armageddon's already handled this.

The Dilgar, at least, and probably the Drakh need bases for campaigns.

The Dilgar could also use a bad light carrier, Something slow, Raid with almost no guns. A Dilgar Balavarin. Not a good ship, but it'll do in a pinch. A Rohric carrier variant, then? Rbax's Ochliavita-B may be another alternative.

I doubt that the Drakh work against the new fighter rules. The damage might be ignorable, but the crits'll just pile up. Without fighters of their own, it gets really dicey really fast. As fighters move after raiders, there's almost no reason for a fighter to ever end up in the anti-fighter range systems on the Light raiders. Something doesn't work here. A specialist escort raider would do the job -- T arc, Anti-Fighter ... and can't hurt a Capital ship for beans might be the call (Range 6, Weak, Anti-fighter, maybe 6 dice or so?) Or, just make a Drakh fighter. Access to Sentris and/or Raziks might be perfect, if a cop-out.

In terms of something new, I'd suggest the Gaim. Bulkhead rules should be interesting. I could see special rules about how multiple ships combine to form one Particle Concentrator volley. Should be unique, but will be a bear to balance.
Just an Idea, but here you go;

Stations for the other races
Scenery: Planets, Asteroids, Mines, Gravity well templates, Jump Gates, Space wrecks etc
Freighters for different races, or more generic freighters.
Check out Morgoth and Hiffano's early year Narn suppliment. I suggest making it official and then producing the ships for it. :D

Expand the Abbai, Vree, Drazi, and Brakiri fleets.

I'd like a Pak'ma'ra fleet myself.

All of this assumes that you get some good models of the ships. Please, no more intersteller boom boxes. :wink:
expanding the league fleets would be nice,maybe a couple new ships foir the vorlons and shadows, specially shadows, maybe a shadow destroyer (basewd on the scout hull)
I want to see the T'Rakk and Th'Norr as I have stated before. I have even submitted details to you for Signs & Portents. The model is sitting there in the form of half of a T'Loth - yet you need a model so you can work with it???........... :( :evil: :(