New Feat


I came up with this to represent extended training with the Black Blade

Black Blade Master
Prerequisite: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Black Blade), Weapon Focus (Black Blade), Base Attack +6, Ambidexterity, Two Weapon Fighting, Warrior Caste, Dark Knives clan

Benifit: When wielding the elegant and deadly Black Blade you become a whirldwind of death, you gain the benifit of the Cleaving stroke ability (see Ventar Master). You may also choose to make a Stunning Strike (as per Denn'bok Master).
the way I figure a ShadowSouled Minbari would have to be 9th to 12th level before they could get this feat. the earliest they could get it would be at 9th level if they have at least one level of soldier and used the 'Weapons Training' ability to get Weapon Focus-Black Blade for free. without levels in Soldier one would have to wait untill 12th level to take this feat due to the Prerequisite feats.