New Fan, Need Advise.

Big Evil

Hiya, I was introduced to Paranoia only recently as a player and I love it! Most people (especialy my GM) thought I'd be the first one to despise it, because it gives complete control to the GM, however, I love the idea of it, and I'm suprisingly good at staying alive. A quote I said at the table has stuck in thier heads, every now and again I say things almost philisophical.

"A fascist's worst enemy is another fascist."

Ofcourse the GM only gives us a minniscule of the rules I'm well aware of, so what books do you think I should look for to become a GM myself?

Any particular edition of the "core rulebook"? I heard they're all a little bit differant, so I want to hear some opinions of which one's "the best".

Any particular splatbooks that served as a great expansion to the game?

And does anybody else notice the soldiers (atleast in this picture)

look kindof like Judge Dredd? (Who by the way I lurve.. Sept when Sylvester Stalone played him, that was bullcrap. Bruce Campell would've made a much better Judge Dredd.)

Also the GM is confused of how the computer is to react to me, as I'm always happy, but not a fake smile happy, or an actual content happy, but a psycho Joker from Batman happy. :twisted:
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The current Mongoose edition of the PARANOIA rules is, naturally, the most true and perfect edition.

For discussion of the supplements in the current line, check What should I buy next? here on this forum.
Big Evil said:
"A fascist's worst enemy is another fascist."

I gotta use that quote. It's good. Though, historically, fascists did ally with each other (during WWII), but if they would have won, I think they would likely turn their guns onto each other, like Troubleshooters.

Any particular splatbooks that served as a great expansion to the game?

Depends on what type of game you are looking for. If you want STRAIGHT-style PARANOIA (as in, 1984, dark-satire humor), then you should buy the WMD book, as it provides example of the STRAIGHT style. If you like CLASSIC, then you could buy PARANOIA Flashbacks, a collection of old and fun missions, updated for the new verison. If you like to emphaize the Service Groups, then Service, Service would be good. If you like to play up mutant powers, then The Mutant Experience would be right for you...and if you like secert societies, then get The Traitor's Manual.

Basically, all you need to buy is the main rulebook. The splatbooks are extra, since, well, the GM is always right. But, these splatbooks do give the GM ideas, helping him be even more righter. The splatbooks do require the orginal main rulebook first.
I've only played the latest edition, so I can't really comment on the previous ones.

The only book you really need is the core book, but the supplements are nice to have, and can be quite handy.
Your GM was doing his job in only giving you a minimal understanding of the rules, especially since it's treason for players to show any knowledge of the rules. Again, every thing you need to know is in the main book.

WMD, Flashbacks, and Crash Priority are well worth their cost, as you'll get a good bit of milage out of the missions.

All the XP Ed. supplements are good quality. Even if you don't use the material, they make for some very interesting reading.
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