New fan looking for a missing mini


Hi everyone!

I just thought I should post and say hi - I'm not new to Mongoose Games, as I've been around for Starship Troopers and Battefield Evolution, but it's only just recently I discovered the revitalized Judge Dredd line.

I'm not a previous fan of Dredd, but the miniatures drew me in, and I've since been catching up on my 2000AD and watching the latest movie, and am happy to have a few judges from my friendly local shop to paint up.

Now that I'm all pumped up to get a Justice Department together, there's a particular miniature I'm looking for, but cannot find. The judges are equal opportunity employers, and the judge line has a number of female judges. But, they all appear to be helmet-less, and mostly named characters. I've seen female judges with helmets (for instance, in this thread on Warseer:!-quot) but it seems they did not get brought back with the current incarnation of the game.

I wasn't around for the kick starter, but could anyone confirm if there were/were not plans to release a generic female judge or two? Failing that, would anyone know of a new or used example of the old miniatures?

Thanks for any help you can provide - for now, I'm back to converting up some Fatties!