Need help with collisions


Below is a quote from page 73 in RG&FB.

For example, a novice Starfury pilot on his first training mission inadvertently looses control of his craft and flies into the Hyperion heavy cruiser he launched from. The Hyperion is stationary but the Starfury is moving at speed 4 (perhaps the novice pilot accidentally activated his afterburners while trying to dock..). The base damage of this collision is therefore 4, multiplied by 5 for the spacecraft scale, for a total of 60 points.

The Starfury is a huge vehicle so, using the table above, the damage it deals to the Hyperion is multiplied by 3 for a total of 36 points of damage. The Hyperion on the other hand, is a colossal II vehicle and so the damage it does is return is multiplied by 8 for a total of 160 points...

Base damage of the collision = 4 (speed) * 5 (scale) * 3 (size) = 60 damage. What is this used for ?

Damage Starfury deals to Hyperion = 36 points ?!!? How is this number found ? would have thought it would be = 4 (speed) * 5 (scale) * 3 (size) = 60 damage but why only 36 ?

Damage Hyperion deals to Starfury = 160 points = 4 (speed) * 5 (scale) * 8 (size)

Can anyone help?
this is what i had cut and pasted from a official post. couldn't find the post
hope it helps.

5. The damage dealt by the Starfury in the example is indeed 60. This error was a result of us playtesting the collision rules to (literal) destruction after the example had been written - we missed this single figure.