Need Help: Waking up under attack


Are there any rules out there for how to handle characters waking up under attack? That is, anything official in terms of how long it takes to get ready to fight, etc.? Anyone like to share house rules on the subject?

Right now, I am thinking that players would get a listen check with a substantial penalty. How many? One at 10 feet, one at zero feet? If they do not hear the attackers, I suppose they would be considered helpless. Assuming they do wake up, would they still be subject to a surprise round? Or should I just roll initiative?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
AFAIK there are no official rules concerning waking up either in Conan or basic d20. Funny aint it?

My house rules:

Sleeping characters take a -10 penalty on listen checks but make listen checks anytime it would be apropriate for a waking character to. If actual combat breaks out within 60' they make at least one listen check per round (combat is a DC of -10 which makes it DC 0 with penalty)

Characters who wake up due to the presence of an enemy are considered suprised. So the sneaker gets a suprise round (one standard action).

"Waking up" is a standard action.

Sleeping character enter innitative normally.

Sleeping characters are Helpless.

Sleeping characers make Fort saves normally, Will saves at -2 and can't make Reflex saves.
Thanks, Argo! I was thinking along these lines but after a day spent writing an adventure I wanted to make sure I wasn't going bonkers. :) So this helps a ton. Thanks again!
Yuan-Ti said:
Right now, I am thinking that players would get a listen check with a substantial penalty.

The 3.5 rules state that the penalty is -10 to your Listen check result while sleeping, unless you have this one feat, which I forget the name of now...


The 'sleepmastery' feat has some useful tips that would be helpful in this regard (i.e. the original question in the post).