Need feedback on a (Conan) synopsis.



Well Next Spring I intend to run a Conan game at Cangames and I got a general synopsis that I would like to run by you for feedback and Help.

A few thing to help:
-In Cangames the games period are 3 hours long, so I need to be able to wrap it in that long.
-It will be open for either 8 players, I'm not quite sur yet. Pregen character, 4th level with 32 points to build stats
-A turanian borderer
-A Shemite Nomad
-A Pelishtim Soldier
-An Ophiran Soldier/thief
-A Kothic thief
-A Argossian Soldier/pirate
-A Khoraja Scholar (Priest of Mitha) Either Non spellcaster or counterspell
-A Vindyan Noble.

After Spending time West, the Noble is call back to Vindya and returns by ship with his adventuring companions.

Adventure proper:
Off The Coast of Iranistan, as a strom is brewing, they get ambushed by Pirates causing the ship to becaught by said storm and the players end up shipless on the Isles of pearl.

After searching a bit, they discover an empty fisher village, searching it will give them clue that something attack them and people were dragged away. Following the trail, they get ambushed by ape-men.

Defeating the ape-men, they discover a lone tower with a deep underground cave system underneath it where a crazed Wizard bent on revenge is trying ot created an army of human/demon hybrid to exact his revenge on the Iranistani Lord who exiled him.

The Player must somehow defeat, him, rescue the villagers who will then help them get off the ilsand to complete their journey to Vindya.

So what do you think?


Thank you,

For my plot I tried to take inspiration from R.E. Howords Conan's stories to give it a Howardesque feel.

Yes, I know. 3 hours is pretty short, so beforehand I intend to test drive it with friends before hand to get a feel for it...and I might fudge some roll of skip some of the event a bit.

For my encounters I'm thinking this:

1) The Pirate I'm thinking maybe 12-16 1st level pirates nad a 4th level pirate leader.

2) For the Ape-man, I'm considering 1 or 2 per player.

3) For the tower:
Probably 4-6 extra ape-man (maybe with the survivors of the privious encounter)
2 Hybrids
the Sorcerer a 10th level scholar probably with Curse as primary.
7 survivors from the small village.

Sounds good or too much?


Essentiallly for the hybrid it will be an acquired template to turn peoplle into minor demons. Essentially I'm looking to make them about twice as a 3rd or 4th level character (essentially make them 6th or 8th level).

I'll look up my 3rd ed stuff to see if I cannot import a modifier demon/devil/other or add on a modifier infernal or abyssal template rather then make my own.

This will make them tough but if they play it smart doable. I think.


Indeed, I might find insperation from the Spawn for the template. And Cangames is not before May 2011, so I might be posting it here a bit earlier...especially If I can find the spoiler tab so you can take a look at it.

That or those who want to take a look or help me play test it with their gaming group, I could send you a PM and you could give me your feedback.

Incidently, I've double check and I got 4hours, not the initial 3h I though so 1 more hour to kick ass.


I've started my work and despite having only about 25% of it done i,m pretty proud of it.

-My 4 maps are done,
-the 1st encounter is almost fully done (it's missing the stats bolck for the Corsair)
-Part of encounter 2 is done. (I just need to add detail on the various building in the village)

After this Encounter 3 and 4.

Then the hardest part will be to find a playtest group :(


Nialldubh said:
Not know what material you have, do you have 'Pirate Isles,' it has good info, ie Iranstani Corsairs use leather and steel cap and wield Tulwars, use Black Corsair Drums for signaling, on page 86 there is a 1st lvl Argossean for quick referance.

Do you have time before you start to talk to Players at Cangames or is introducing them to their Character part of 4 hours?

1st hour: introductions of Players. Before hour is finished, the Corsair Attack, brief fight, lost of their ship and sweeped ashore!

Well I made a quick crew of Southern Islander Pirate using 28 point buy option, and they look impressive. The Leader I gave him average HP (round up) for a 4th level Pirate

I have a bit of time before, but for the most part the introduction takes place 'in-game' time. So in order to make it easier, they have known eachother for some month now.

The character will be done on Excel with a quick Word document with background info and how he met the others.

And the underground network is but devious.

So I dropped the Number of Men-Ape to 8 and 4 respectively otherwise I'm afraid that the party will be too weaken to have a fighting chance at the end.

The only thing left to do is the Tower and underground encounter, but meanwhile I've decided to take a break and work on the 8 characters (1 is done) and my Template before completing the adventure.

Edit 2:
4 out of 8 character done. It got a lot easier after the first one.

But i'm wondering is average HP going to be enough????


True well for 1st level I gave them max as is the rules, then for the rest it's essentially:

d6 = 3.5 HP
d8 = 4.5 HP
d10= 5.5 HP.

A straight 4th level Soldier gets base 27 HP+con+ToughnesFeat
A straight 4th level Borderer gets base 22 HP+con+Tougness Feat
A straigth 4th level Scholar gets base 17 HP+con+FToughness feat.

Considering that the foes follows the same rules, it should be balance. Anyway I will see on the play test if it works or not. If not I'll go at 75% of HP per level.


I used point built in this game for sanity and balance purpose. Essentially I wanted to make sure every PC was 'equal' to the others.

Normally I roll.

Here the pirate are pretty average, the Final wizard might be a bit above average, the Commoner will be average and the Men-Ape are stright from the book.

With playtesting, I might have to do some modification on the DCs and HP.


Well my Demon hybrid are done.

Essentially it's a template given to a character who is infused with the essence ofr an Ancient Lemurian Demon...bulking thme up by 50% bu giving them an odd mix of Simian and ophidian (snake) feature.

Essentially the host gain:
+3d8hp, +3 bab, save and parry/dodge bonus.
Outsider subtype
bonus feat: Multiattack, imporved unarmed and alertness
2 claw attack (1d6) and a bite (1d4) attack
poison (DC 12| 1d2str, 1d2con| immediate, 5 round, 10 round.
+5 spot, intimidate, listen
+2 escape artist, hide
immune to poison
darkvison 30'
+4 str, +4 con, -2 int, -2wis, -4 cha
Favored class: barbarian
Fate point -2
corruption +4

I think this is all, I'm working from memory here.

In the case of my adventure, I will modify commoners



It's 13 page long, I have 9 Excel sheet of character and now i need to playtest that puppy.

Anyone else what's to play test it?
Boneguard said:

It's 13 page long, I have 9 Excel sheet of character and now i need to playtest that puppy.

Anyone else what's to play test it?

It will be a while before my group gets down to Iranistan way, but I never turn down a Conan scenario. If you're sharing, I'm collecting and saying "thank you".


I've PMed you.

Now if anyone else would like to play test it, or -if you do not have a group- look at it and provide me with valuable feedback, just PM me an email address and I will send you the documents (On MSOffice 2010).