Need a few bits - does any swapping happen here ?

Green Marine

A self-confessed Newbie, bitten by the ST bug ..........

I've worked out (and then immediately bought :) ) a 2000 point Company, basically:

Cougar Lieutenant

1 Platoon (2 Squads) of Exosuits, each Cougar Sgt., Grizzly Corp., Grizzly Trooper

1 Platoon (2 Squads) of Power Suits -
Colour Sgt. (gotta have a Big Flag !)
1 Squad with M8 and M9 upgrade
1 Squad with Derringer Micro (for the AA support) and Triple Thud Upgrade

I've got other stuff as well (another Power Suit squad, lots more potential upgrades), but I think that's a fun-looking 2k points ........ (pity I couldn't afford a CHAS, though :( ).


I've got one too many Cougars, and I'm one Grizzly short ! Anybody fancy a trade ? My Cougar is mint and unassembled, with all the weapon options and base - I'd like to swap for a Grizzly in similar condition, but I could live with an assembled / painted one (which would be stripped).

Also - does anyone have a spare sprue of MI visors (for my Micro-supports) ? 30p from Mongoose is fine, but £3.00 postage is not :shock: . I've got the spare weapons from the Grizzly / Cougar boxes to trade, or cash / stamps / everlasting gratitude :wink: .

I hope some of you Vets. can help a Greenhorn out !

In hope,

A (very) Green Marine
email me your address and I'll send you some visors :)
I've got 140 MI on the go, never going to bother with them all! (How many do you need?) It'll be my good deed for the day and we are both UK.

You'd be better ordering another grizzly though.. keep the cougar as a PAMI LT or NCO for your next 100 points!
JoseDominguez said:
email me your address and I'll send you some visors :)

PM sent, with thanks.

I only need 3 visors, for the Micro-support crew.

Still hoping for a Cougar / Grizzly swap, though .................