Inaugural Gosport SST Game


Finally, an opponent who wants to play SST in Gosport - this morning's game was as follows:

2000pts MI vs MI

Myself with a mixed MI army consisting of:

M8 NCO, Flamers, Fast Mover, Fleet Liason
M8 Sergeant, Flamers
M9C Trooper

Pathfinders NCO, Warning, shock stick
2 Identical Pathfinder squads (full) with 2 shredders each, sniper each and missile launcher each. Both with Corporals and Armourer sergeants.
A flamberge with scatter bomb.

Exactly 2000pts


The esteemed Hegemon

Who took.... lots of LAMI (my models on loan) and some CAPs, and a fleet landing party with UAV (represented by a necron destroyer). At PL2

This resulted in a hold mission, deep defence (although arguably I could've gone for a battle line). On the rolloff I took the (in retrospect) questionable move of giving away first turn and deployment. As it turned out, Heg hadn't taken anything at all that could hurt a Marauder (aside from two triple thuds in two cap squads - I was anticipating longbows and a Thunderbolt!). It cost me dearly in pathfinder losses...

Deployments ended up as follows (yes, I should've used cover or gone for first turn - but it's only about the second time I've played... and Heg made a bit of a mistake deploying his derringer micro platform -represented by my reliant- exactly where it couldn't shoot anyone):





First turn, lost about 5 pathfinders in the RH squad to fire from CAPs - with no reaction possible. Armour saves failed left and right, including a shredder :(
The LAMI hung back, which was fine by me.
Jumped the pathfinders back and to the right and managed some return fire from both squads, which roughly halved the no. of caps in one of Heg's squads.
The Marauders blatted a few more with trip hammer, derringer, sixgun and javelin fire.

Second turn - lost even more pathfinders to morita fire - from CAPs and a LAMI squad that got in range. Again, no reactions... all was not well, with one squad reduced to only a sniper (luckily his NCO was with him) and the other down by 2 men including the corporal. Elite my eye!

Marauder NCO fired and then readied in anticipation of the air phase, killing a few more CAPs (incluind the last triple thud who hit him twice, but he saved both times).
The other marauders tromped up and scythed an MI squad on the far left in half.

Air phase - I lose the liason roll - so Heg's UAV comes on right behind my M8 NCO, but aims for the pathfinders, scatter bombing the almost intact squad down to 4 men (and putting them out of command). Luckily those 980 points (490 each squad reduced to half strength) were all he got!

My flamberge rocketed on, crashed into one of his LAMI squads and killed them to the last man. My UAV flew on at the rear and killed all of the fleet landing party hiding behind the big rock.

Turn 3 - Marauders got into flamer range and well... flamed. The last remaining CAPs having been cut down by reaction fire when they tried to jump forward. Air phase, my UAV wiped out the remainder of a semi-flamed LAMI squad.
1 squad of LAMI was left alive as we called an end to a really, really brutal SICON training exercise.

Lessons learned: LAMI need to take heavy weapons!
CAPs need to take /more/ heavy weapons!

Marauders rock vs. other MI.
Pathfinders need to take first turn, especially when you win it - and they need cover, doofus! Otherwise they are a bit questionable vs other MI due to their price.


wow u can see my naked knee

In my defence it was only my first game, well third if you count the two learning games i played versus myself. I don't know why i aimed the UAV at the pathfinders and not the chick and ape, oh well i know that next time.

oh and btw if you cnt see my Fleet landing party they are behind the hill at the back you can just about see a head in the hole!


Well, pathfinders earned you lots of points and were easy to kill - you would've struggled to kill a nighthawk and ape with one turn of shooting from the UAV, and the Nighthawk would've cut the UAV down next turn.

The NCO M8 could've been a good target - kill him and my UAV would've been useless.


Not sure what having your 1st game has to do with exposing your knee but never mind that. Sounds like a reasonable battle :D I always find that Javalins are very good in cap squads, though I would leave the lami to run and shoot as much as possible with moritas.


if you noticed their was a big gap between naked knee and first game hence different bits.

well all i can say is one hell of an enjoyable game.