named weapons in slaine

Daithi O'an tSionnaigh said:
-CrimsonSap Bamboozler


i'll try my hand at a few

Eye Gouger
Stomach Pump (ewww)
Bone Slammer
Bane Hammer
Dread Hammer


ya know, all someone has to do is go play diablo!!!

theres some spiff names.... in fact there was a Diablo sourcebook for AD&D, and one for D&D 3rd ed.... in the 2nd ed book there was a random chart for item

i'll see if i can find it online somewhere
WOTC online has one

sure... maybe its not appropriate for named weaponry, but it can be fun
here is some of my favourites from the generator

merciless sceptre of burning
forceful sword of the mammoth
blade of purging
Sceptre of puncturing
heres a few i got

Overwhelming Long War Bow of Purging
Stalking Plate Boots of the Night
Frog's Long War Bow of the Tiger
Savage Morning Star of Peril
Meteoric Short War Bow of Vigor
the biggest problem of course, with diablo names, is there is a tendacy to OVERname an item..

horrendously long names dont make it fun to show across the battefield..

quick things like Sting... sound
one of the warriors had a shouting match with a formorrian cheif who was more than a little upset that the spear in his side was fishbane :twisted: Im not a bl.......y fish was the main topic of disagreement :twisted:
must amit the insults and threats make slaine combat some of the most fun combat that I know of and I think why my group are so loyal too the game
though, bringing someone new into a game like this can be a bit of a trouble... i know some players who would take the insults personally... or would give them as though they were insulting the person... ya know?
being a older group with years of togeather it is not a problem and anyone new will quickly see that it is not personal but aimmed against there foes but do see your point