named weapons in slaine

ive seen "Pain and Suffering"

course they were huge pistols... but whatever...

had a character in one game i played in who called his sword "Thunder and Lightning"

one went boom, the other flashed
Have only played the first few installments of "the teeth of the moon sow" but have named my sword and warspear based on the events,the spear being Witchbiter and the sword Shadowsplitter.
The Taker of Names
The Brash but Bloody
The Flail of Hate
The Merciful Blade of ..............(enter name of owner)
The Giver of Hemoglobin

The Hematic Warhammer of Sorrow
Death Shank
Bait Chopper
Frog Sticker (A tribute to the fish bane.. :D )
The Death Dangler (Flail)
Molester of Flesh
Pig Sticker

Whoo...I'm pooped but here is a few more. Hope you enjoy? :mrgreen:
there are others with over 60+members too the yahoo slaine web site but few active at moment :? so will keep going till we get more new people into the game :D