My thougths on character generation


Banded Mongoose
msprange said:
Is there any chance of including some sort of simple and short point-buy chargen system in the core rulebook? I dearly love Traveller, but I last used rolled characteristics in the early 90s and have no interest in ever doing so again.

Understood - however, we are going to have several alternate creation system in the Companion, so this is the logical place for it (you'll get to see it as a Beta playtester).[/quote]

I love the idea of several alt chargen systems in an Companion volume, but I think something as simple as the less-than-one-page point buy system on page 40 of the MgT Traveller Book would be a wonderful and useful addition to the basic 2nd edition.

Not only would players that prefer to design their character be able to do so from the moment they purchase the game, but it could also be used as rules to allow the GM to design NPCs without going through the chargen subgame.