My LAMI Platoon(s)


So. I have painted 2 Squads and some officers and will offer you some pics in the next days.

Here the list of painted stuff:
1 Lieutant
1 SICON Agent
8 men LAMI Squad (1 Sergant, 2 Longbows)
8 men LAMI Squad (1 Sergant, 2 Sniper, 1 FED NET Reporter)

(To Do: 82 LAMI Minis)

Today i will start my next squad (a Recruit Squad of 20 men or a 8 men standard squad...).

On my 2.000 pts Army i will habe 2 Platoons of LAMIs with 1 LAMI captain. I still love the LAMI minis! :)

Hope i can show you the pics tomorrow (german time)!
82? That's pretty extreme.

I settled for:

1 Lieutenant
2 NCOs
1 SICON Agent w/neodog

3x Medics (marked as such)
3x Longbow
3x Fednet Reporters
3x Sniper
3x Sergeants (marked)
3x Corporals (marked)

25x troopers.

This totals 46 (less the Sicon agent) which is 2 boxed sets + 1 each of the special poses got through a bits order. I figured 3 squads of 12, with all the options in each one was ample. I think it only totals up to about 1500 points without any assets, but that seems ample. As soon as I hit 2000 I would want to take a platoon of Exos to bolster the LAMI anyways.
I have bought 5 Boxes of LAMIs so i have 100 models at home! ;) And i will paint them all. A Army list i haven't wrote yet, because i have do only 1 game, and this with CAP Troopers.

When i use the LAMI Recruit Squads so i will have some more models as 46. ;)

There still wait 3 Marauder Apes and 3 Boxes of Reliant Gun Platforms (i want some twin fifty autocannons for my LAMIs ^^). First i want to play a lame platoon with a Marauder platoon, but is love the LAMIs so, that i want to play 2 platoons of LAMIs and later some Marauders&Cap Troopers.
I have 5 boxes of LAMI on order, just picked up the Klendathu book last week. Looking forward to playign these guys, I'm gonna use robogear kits to make fortifications for them.