Mutant Experience page count?


Hi all

I'm new to the forum but not Paranoia (played a number of games when it first came out loved it then and love it now)

I was reading Mongooses offical bumf on thier site for the mutant experience and noticed in the text it states it has 64 pages yet in the detail breakdown at the top of the page it says 128 pages. I also noticed on the following web site

it also states 64 pages.

Which is it, 128 or 64 not that it matters much to me as I'll buy it anyway but was just wondering what I'll get for my money.

The Mutant Experience was originally 64 pages, but a last-minute page increase bumped it up to 72 pages. It's a rules supplement by R. Eric Reuss of the Traitor Recycling Studio, the happy gaggle of writers who created Crash Priority. The Mutant Experience features about three dozen new mutant powers, along with over a hundred variants on the original powers presented in the PARANOIA XP rulebook. Plus there's mutant-related equipment, medications, forms, tables, "quick shots" (NPC-only bizarre mutations), and a lot of fun alternate settings revolving around different ways of treating mutants in Alpha Complex. It's quite the book, I think, and it may become the bestselling PARANOIA supplement.

(...Though actually the forthcoming STUFF equipment book is looking pretty sharp too, and this August brings the huge 192-page Extreme PARANOIA rules supplement for playing characters at all security clearances through VIOLET. Not to mention the existing Traitor's Manual secret society book by Gareth Hanrahan. So there's some potential competition for the "bestselling supplement" title.)
Thanks Allen for the heads up on the book. It will definitely be on my shelf as soon as its in the shops.

Thanks also for the info on the other stuff (I've got all the suppliments produced so far) and can't wait for the STUFF book to appear.