Musing On Intrusion Decks


Banded Mongoose
I thought the Intrusion Decks described on p 75 of JTAS 10 were awesome. The TL 14 version gives (If I'm figuring the bonuses correctly) +5! to hacking (+3 for Intrusion, +1 for Agent 3, and a general +1). However, the downsides are that it's relatively large (1 kg) and very expensive (500,000 Cr). However, as a TL 14 specialized computer, on a TL 15 world it would weigh 0.5 kg and cost 250,000 kg, and if you can get to Vincennes or some other TL 16 world, it's 0.25 kg (meaning it would be about the size of my large, but fully pocket sized phone) and would only cost 125,000 Cr, but it might also be difficult to find (definitely some excellent Streetwise rolls required).
Not much use if your firewall program at TL14 provides a DM of -14. :)

I haven't really looked into the hacking rules, what are the DMs of the anti-intrusion protocols?