Mongoose News - Mercenary - Kickstarter Friday 5th Feb, 10am (GMT)


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Welcome, fellow Travellers - we have a cracking item for you today!

At 10am (GMT) on Friday 5th February (in one week!), we are launching a brand new Kickstarter for Traveller - the Mercenary box set and (hopefully!) a whole string of supplements and adventures to support it.


Whether you are looking to build a mercenary unit straight from Traveller creation, add one to an existing group of Travellers, or simply want to add a touch of the military to your adventures, this is the box set for you.

The Mercenary box set is a new way of approaching Traveller campaigns, giving everything you need for Travellers to recruit or train their own mercenary unit, hunt down clients , and then travel across the stars to engage in tickets (contracts) to earn fame and a great deal of fortune! That, at least, will be the plan your Travellers have...

Along the way, this Kickstarter will introduce you to new equipment designed for mercenary use in the field, specialist units (such as cyber warfare, artillery, commandos, and aerospace, to name a few), the implementation of tactics, squad-, platoon-, company- and regimental-level combat abstracted to retain roleplaying and storytelling elements, new spacecraft and vehicles for the richest units, and... so much more.

This is just a taste, and you will be able to download the first tome included in the box set, Book 1: Mercenaries in the Far Future, for free on Friday so you can see just how we are approaching this new style of campaign. Written by fan-favourite Martin Dougherty, Mercenary goes into a staggering amount of depth on mercenary operations of the Far Future, and yet keeps the rules and book-keeping light and breezy.

Hope to see you all there on Friday!