Mongoose News - Mercenary Kickstarter - 5 Days to go!


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There are barely five days to go (ending 10am GMT on Sunday) for the Mercenary box set Kickstarter and not only has it been successfully funded, plenty of stretch goals have already been unlocked!

You can join in on the action right here:


The main box set brings Mercenary-style campaigns to your tabletop, allowing your Travellers to recruit, fund and run their own mercenary units as they travel across the stars picking up tickets, engaging in security actions and fighting in private wars. Everything you need to build such a campaign is included, as well as recruiting units and leading them into battle.

Basic pledges also get unlocked stretch goals automatically and for no extra cost. These are already including two standalone adventures to get you right into the action, and two full hardback supplements:

Field Catalogue: Jam-packed with weapons, equipment, vehicles and ships intended for the mercenary market, the Field Catalogue also includes a complete personal weapon design system, allowing you to build and modify custom weaponry specific to your Travellers and unit.

Mercenary Specialists: This hardback brings Travellers the option of hiring highly specialised units, allowing them to engage in wide-ranging contracts such as cyber warfare, artillery missions and aerospace defence.

We are currently just shy of unlocking Mercenaries of Charted Space, a third hardback that will take you on a tour of the Third Imperium and the empires beyond to explore the mercenary units (and possibly competitors) already operating across the stars.

For those wanting to go the extra mile, the Mercenary Officer pledge level also includes the Field Commander's Pack, which includes a host of exclusive goodies, including unique dice, the vehicle Recognition Pack, a Unit Roster Pad and the Premium Weapons Guide.

There are already plenty of previews, including a free download of one of the books included in the box set, as well as videos from the writer, Martin Dougherty. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Do we have a feedback thread for the books published as a result of the Kickstarter? I just skimmed through the Field Catalogue and noticed that the "Mine, Directional" shows a mine that clearly does not fit the description of a "Claymore" style mine. And the "Mine, Antipersonnel" also looks more like a anti-vehicle mine.

Otherwise the depictions of weapons look much more realistic than before and I quite enjoy the book. Haven't made it into the design process so far, though.